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Hello and welcome to our blog. The content is managed by me, Moto, which in case you didn't know is part of my maiden name and a nickname my husband gave me back when we were dating. I married my wonderful husband, Joe, on March 23, 2010. We went on the most amazing honeymoon to Hawaii in October 2010 after he finished his two bachelors degrees in Communications and History. In 2011 we welcomed our happy and sweet son Russell (named after Joe's grandpa) to our family. In 2015 our family grew with the addition of our daughter Kira (it's my grandma's - the one in the picture below - maiden name). We are pet parents to three crazy cats Panda, Oreo, and Minx.

So blessed Joe got to meet my grandparents on our honeymoon before they passed.
I love and miss them but feel they are watching over us, especially when we have a new baby in our home.
I love all things crafty, music, cooking, baking, gardening, self improvement, blogging, meditation, yoga, holistic medicine, wellness, and reading. My not so secret loves are giant pandas and Sanrio (Hello Kitty and Chococat are my favorite). I enjoy listening to audio books (admitted self help junkie) in the car to maximize my work drive and have recently found that podcasts are a really interesting way to learn about a variety of topics. (If you have a favorite podcast be sure to let me know.)

Hiking Diamond Head

I currently work as the Volunteer and Community Engagement Director at United Way of Salt Lake. It's a challenging opportunity but I love knowing that my work helps other families in our community. I am working to complete my yoga teacher training certification and am particularly interested in working with pregnant/postpartum moms, veterans, and those who are dealing with anxiety and depression.

Rachel and Alison visited me at the hospital before baby Kira was born. I had to take a pregnant bathroom selfie in my LIVE UNITED shirt and was glad when Chiara brought me food from our Day of Caring celebration.

My husband loves hunting, fishing, history, barbecuing, football (Go Pack Go!), and movies. He served in the Army Infantry but currently works as a substitute teacher in the Granite and Jordan school districts. We just bought our first house together so he spends a lot of his weekend time putting together things, going through boxes, and fixing things around the house. Our big project right now is to clear the boxes in our basement so I can start hosting yoga classes and workshops to complete my yoga teacher training requirements.

Mud buggin' on our honeymoon
We hope you'll enjoy your time here with us. We ask that you please be kind if you choose to comment. All content and opinions are ours and we would hope that even if you disagree you would  be respectful in sharing your opinion. We welcome educated debate, asking questions, and being corrected if the information we provide is wrong or inaccurate but cyber bullying, offensive language, or spamming will not be allowed. If you wouldn't say what you're commenting to us face to face then I'd ask you to think twice before commenting.

First family photo with Russell

First family photo with Kira
Otherwise, please feel free to leave comments and let us know you were here. We do read and respond to comments. Thank you for sharing your time with us. It is the most precious gift you can share.

My little moosey man!

Russell grown up and holding baby Kira. LOVE!
~ Heather, Joe, Russell, and Kira

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