Moto's Life List

If you don't take the time to get really clear about exactly what it is you're trying to accomplish, then you're forever doomed to spend your life achieving the goals of those who do. ~ Steve Pavlina
I've had "wish lists" and "bucket lists" floating around in various journals and notepads for quite some time now. I decided to take some inspiration from Her Sunday and put my "Life List" here on the blog. I'll have to find said journals and notepads and add to this list but it's a start.

** Update ** Today is December 11, 2013 and I'm going through and updating these lists. I have realized some of the things I set as goals are no longer goals for me and in other places I have added things. I feel lists like these are a good guide but are never set in stone. I have no issues taking items off and adding other items as I grow and develop. Enjoy! 


Travel to Japan
Visit Kumamoto
Visit Tokyo
Have ramen in Japan
Have sushi in Japan
Travel to China
See the Great Wall
See the Wolong National Nature Reserve
Go on a cruise (October 2010 - Hawaii with Joe for our Honeymoon.)
Go back to Hawaii for a family vacation (May 2013 - we went with my mom and brother. This was Russell's first big trip!)
Go back to Hawaii for our 2015 family reunion
Visit northern California and visit my Dad's family there
Go on a Disney cruise
Go on a cruise with friends
Go on an anniversary cruise with Joe
Go on a girls only trip with friends

Visit all 50 states (as of 2012: HI, CA, VA, NV, ID, MT, MI, AZ, GA and UT)

Finish my Bachelors degree
Finish an advanced degree

Have beginner level competency (written/spoken) in a foreign language
Have intermediate level competency in a foreign language
Have advanced level competency in a foreign language
Learn to speak Spanish (I'm breaking down my language goals further in an effort to have steps to reach varying levels of competency in multiple languages.)
Learn to speak Japanese
Learn how to use Photoshop

Complete coach training
Complete yoga teacher training

Financial Independence and Career
Keep $1,000,000+ in the bank
Live debt free (It's the small wins too. As of 12/11/13 we paid off my student loans! They said I'd get a confirmation letter in the next month showing I'm completely paid in full! WHEE!!!)
Find a career doing something I love (May 2012 - I truly love what I do!)
Have VP in my title (After managing people now I realize that this no longer interests me. I LOVE the team of people I work with and they are one of the best things about my job but long term I feel managing people isn't what will make me truly happy.)

Have a wildly successful wellness business

Volunteer once a month for a year
Volunteer once a week for a year
Make a $1,000 donation all at once
Make a $10,000 donation all at once
Make a $100,000 donation all at once
Good Times
See an NFL game in person
See an NBA game in person (I've been to a Jazz game in UT.)
See an NHL game in person
See an MLB game in person (I've been to an Angels game in CA.)

Take a crafting class
Finish Russell's cross stitch project
Take a photography class
Learn to knit
Sew/make an entire outfit
Get caught up on my scrapbooking
Finish a Project Life scrapbook
See Phantom of the Opera (I've seen it in Utah and in Vegas.)
See Phantom of the Opera on Broadway or in London
See a Cirque du Soleil show (I've seen Zoomanity and O in Vegas.)
Attend the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics
Attend an Olympic event

Health, Wellness and Food
Enjoy a professional massage/spa day once a month for a year
Try acupuncture
Eat vegetarian for an entire month
Eat locally grown/produced food for an entire month
Eat only homemade food for an entire month
Run a 5K (Alas, this is not meant to be. My knee has been giving me trouble this year so I finally got it checked and the doctor advised me against any sort of running/squatting/stair climbing unless I want to end up needing knee surgery at some point. For now I'm sticking with lower impact activities to stay healthy.)
Run a Ragnar Relay
Go snowshoeing
Ride in a bike race 
Make my own sushi (March 2013 - My Mom showed Joe and I how she makes her version of sushi. It's honestly my favorite because her family always makes it and it's so good!)
Make my own shabu shabu (2011-2012 - Joe and I do this all the time now. It's a fun date night in.
Work out once a week for a month (2013 - I started doing yoga when my friend Tara was in yoga teacher training and LOVE it.)
Work out twice a week for a month
Work out three times a week for a month
Work out on a regular basis for an entire year
Weigh under 170 (I made it!168.6 on 11/12/12!)
Weigh under 160 (WHOOP WHOOP! 159.0 on 12/08/13! I'm actually using the app "Lose It!" with some folks at work. If you're using it let me know so we can be friends and motivate each other.)
Weigh under 150
Weigh under 140
Weigh under 130
Learn how to make my own pickles
Learn how to make kim chee
Learn how to make French macaroons
Learn how to can fruit
Take a cooking class (Joe and I took a cooking class at Taste at Gardner Village and learned to make sushi. YUM!!! The class was fun so I definitely recommend going for a girls night, date night, or just a good time.)
Have a dish I created that everyone asks for the recipe whey they try it

Personal Growth
Publish a book
Discover my own personal clothing style
Redesign my blog with my own branding
Attend a self improvement/personal reflection type retreat
Practice daily meditation
Read 24 books in 2014

Life is a journey. Get out there and make it happen!

** Last Updated 12/11/13 **


  1. Very inspirational Heather! I love how you have organized what you want to accomplish. I have goals written on various notepads and journals too, you make me want to organize them and focus on doing the things I always wanted to do during my time here on Earth. These last few months I have had an increased interest in yoga, meditation, chakras, and holistic healing. You have inspired me to put action behind those interests. Change begins with action or a single step and I am ready to do it. Thank you, this is exactly what I needed today. By the way, Russell has gotten so big (and so handsome). Enjoy these years, they go away so quickly.

    Michelle Coonce

    1. Thanks Michelle! I am a goal setting fiend. I always want to have something to focus on to spend my time on that is worthwhile and going to make my life or the lives of others better. I am totally into yoga and have been looking at getting some books and CD's on meditation and chakras. I love that kind of stuff. I really think people need balance between eastern and western ways of thought. If you find any good books or websites please share and I'll do the same. Yes, change just takes little baby steps and eventually you'll get where you want to go. If I can support your journey in any way please let me know. Russell is so big and so cute. We love him so much. I do work to stay balanced between enjoying him as he is now and looking forward to what he could become in the future. I always just hope one day he ends up happy with a life he loves. :) Thanks for commenting. This made my day. :)