Thoughts on Bodhi Yoga 200-Hour Yoga Instructor Certification

As part of my Yoga Teacher Training I wrote an essay about my experience. I wanted to share it here in case anyone is considering investing in a teacher training.

Open Bodhi Yoga teacher training manual and open media kit filled with CDs and DVDs.
If a 500 page manual, DVD's, CD's, hours of video online, and face-to-face training isn't enough I don't know what would be. Absolutely felt I got my moneys worth and then some for this investment.

My journey through this teacher training has been nothing short of life changing. In the beginning it was about gaining knowledge and maybe teaching one day. As time went on I would work on things in bursts then pause again as life got busy. (Hey, having a baby is a big deal. HA HA HA.) It was not the journey I set out to follow or what I expected. I truly believed I would be the person to have everything done by the time our in person classes were finished but I was wrong. (We found out we were having Kira in month two of the training.)

Bodhi Yoga studio sign on an exterior brick wall
You know you're in the right place here.

Luckily for me it seems the longer I am here on this earth the more I understand thoughts like "all in the right time" and "if it's meant for you it will not pass you". I know, great things for your Insta meme to inspire your followers but often feeling patronizing and annoying when you're living the life and just want things to go as you planned. At this point looking back I believe that every delay was an opportunity for me to keep growing and internalizing what I was learning. In the end, the experience was everything I didn't know I needed it to be.

Front page of manual that says let your light shine bright. You are lovely and have a great purpose. Just remember there is always something to be grateful for.
Met some of the most amazing women during my time in this training.

Through this training and my personal practice I have learned so much. Not only just the incredible amount of information that I'm still working to integrate but what it all means to me as I share yoga with those around me. Yoga for me is truly joy in motion. It's an expression of my soul and allows me to feel and integrate all that I am experiencing. I can practice through grief, happiness, pain, or any other emotion. I can integrate breath work, mudras, mantras, and chant to complement the physical poses and movements. It's not just about twisting into the most complex and Insta worthy poses it's about practicing with openness and authenticity. About allowing the yoga to work through me, to teach me, to express itself in the way I need the most in that moment. I know that yoga can bring me to peace and quiet or it can bring me energy and vitality.

Yoga mat with bolsters and personal belongings to the side
My space ready for our training session at Bodhi Yoga studio.

As I have finished my training requirements I have moved into a space of wanting to deepen my understanding of the roots of yoga so I can honor where yoga comes from and create safe, equitable, and accessible spaces for others to join me in practice. I feel the training I have received has helped me build a strong foundation for continuing to learn and grow. I know I made the right choice in training with Syl at Bodhi Yoga. I really couldn't recommend this training more. I love the friendships I have gained, the depth of knowledge, and the foundation I have received. I have grown so much and know I will continue to grow because of the work Syl has done to create such a beautiful place to practice, learn, and grow. I appreciate being able to take time for me throughout the years to step into what yoga is to me.

Little boy sits on the floor with his feet on a round purple yoga bolster
Russell was so young when I started my yoga teacher training journey. 

If you have any questions about this program don't hesitate to reach out. I would absolutely take this training again and I am looking at taking the Restorative Partner Yoga training next.


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