Moving Your Energy to Find Balance

Hello, friends. We're in the home stretch to the end of 2018 and it's not too late to get your energy moving so you can finish off the year strong. There is still time to make significant progress on your goals and to change your outlook as we roll into 2019.

Awaken to your true form: divine creative energy, revealing Herself as you. - Lorin Roche
Awaken to your true form: divine creative energy, revealing Herself as you. - Lorin Roche

One way I like to get my energy up and running is through a good Bodhi Spin practice. If you've never taken a class at the Bodhi Yoga studio in Provo, Utah probably don't know what that means but perhaps you've heard of Kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga, according to Yoga Journal, is about building physical vitality and increasing consciousness. Though some have thoughts that Kundalini yoga can be dangerous what I love about Bodhi Spin is it's a Kundalini style practice that is safe and accessible.

Two yoga mats are parallel to each other and between them are yoga bolsters, a blanket, eye bag, and yoga block. Yoga teacher training manual in a binder sits open next to the mats and yoga props.
Two yoga mats, props, and my yoga teacher training manual

When I complete a Bodhi Spin practice I leave feeling energized and revitalized. I feel much more in tune with myself and feel empowered to take on my day. I feel it's exceptionally good if you're dealing with depression or feeling stuck because it moves your body, and your energy, in ways that can help you break through that stagnation. I actually feel Bodhi Spin can be great for anxiety as well because, if you're dealing with anxiety in a way where rest or restorative yoga may be too quiet for an anxious mind, Bodhi Spin can give your mind something tangible to focus on while you work through some of that anxious energy.

NOTE: if you are dealing with an un-diagnosed mental health issue, if your mental health issue has changed significantly, or you are feeling suicidal (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline available 24/7 - 1-800-273-8255) please seek professional support. (If you can not afford professional help look up your local 2-1-1 to see if you qualify for free/reduced cost services.)

All the yoga in the world will not be enough if you are in crisis or need additional support. I believe that yoga can SUPPORT a holistic approach to wellness and health. To me, a Bodhi Spin practice can help integrate the learning you receive from a therapist, engage the creativity you are cultivating with a coach, and can help support physical health needs that your physician recommends.

Let's not stop here! What does a Bodhi Spin class look and feel like? Every teacher is different but when I've practiced it tends to start with slow movements taking something like sitting in cobblers pose and infusing it with movement through cat/cow type movements of your spine or circular movements as if you were moving through a whirlpool type motion. Eventually your poses and your movements may become bigger as they move through standing poses and back down into reclined poses like plow. It might sound crazy but if you actually enjoy a little more movement in your yoga class, this might be the practice for you.

I personally love Bodhi Spin because I feel it's accessible for most people regardless of age or ability. Unlike a difficult flow class that might require great levels of flexibility and strength, Bodhi Spin can help build strength and stamina without the strain of a fast paced or balance pose heavy practice. I often feel I've completed a great workout even though the movements aren't complex or strenuous.

So, who is Bodhi Spin NOT for... I would say if you have elevated blood pressure a Bodhi Spin practice might be too much for you. In those whirlpool type motions or in motions that may be taking your head below the level of your heart the repetitive nature of those movements might be too much for someone with high blood pressure. The other person Bodhi Spin might not be a good fit for is someone who is dealing with un-treated mental health issues who is not at a place to deal with the emotions that could rise up in this type of practice. Bodhi Spin moves your energy through your body and that movement can cause old wounds to open, dark places to be exposed, or can trigger intense feelings that you may not be ready or prepared to manage. If you have been repressing your feelings or have had issues treating a mental health condition you may want to start with a traditional yoga practice first and learn more about energy flow and it's connection to mental health before you begin. Remember, yoga teachers are NOT therapists so if you were to experience an intense emotional reaction your teacher may or may not be prepared to support you in the way that you need.

Ok, all this being said, I truly believe Bodhi Spin can be a great practice for most people and it is one of my favorite types of practice. In fact, I think I need to go work through a Bodhi Spin practice of my own!

What is your favorite type of yoga practice? Have you tried a Bodhi Spin or Kundalini yoga class? What are your thoughts? Has it helped you develop a deeper connection to yourself, opened your creativity, or helped you gain a higher level of consciousness? I'd love to hear your thoughts and if you've tried a practice like this.


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