My 2018 Theme

In my last post I hinted about finishing my goal setting process and identifying my 2018 theme. My theme isn't just an arbitrary word or idea but more of a lens I can look through as I make decisions about what to say yes to, what makes it to the top of the priority list, and what is truly important in my life. For 2018 my theme is Abundance!

My 2018 Theme: Abundance

Abundance isn't just about being rich or having it all. Abundance to me is being in flow with my life's purpose, being surrounded by love and friendship, and having gratitude for all that I have in my life. Abundance is about trusting that the things we need will come our way and that by expressing gratitude for what we do have we can expand our ability to love and serve others and receive the same in return. I want to make choices that bring me abundance or that allow me to share abundance with others.

My self worth, imagination, hope, strength, clarity of purpose, abundance, serentiy & peace, opportuniteis, and vulnerability.
Stop wishing and start doing!

Through my goal setting process I also make note of things I want to cultivate. This prompt is from the 5-Part Goal Setting Series from Lara Casey. If you haven't checked it out you should because there's still time to enter the massive giveaway. This allows me to have a secondary lens through which I help prioritize the things that will receive my time and attention. Any of you who are like me (working a full time job, long commute, kids, husband, home...) you know that time is precious and you want to make the most of it so you can still achieve the things that are meaningful to you while still fulfilling your obligations across the other parts of your life. 

Learning, mental health, friends & family, creativity, fun, time, joy, happiness, and intuition.
Not pictured are time, joy, happiness, and intuition.

The other piece of reflection I like to do is identifying the things I value. These are things that are important to my life regardless of what stage I'm in, what things I am working towards, or anything else that's going on. These are things that when given two equal choices the one that falls within my values will always win. Additionally, if I am ever in a position that would take away from my values I know to quickly say no and move on. Now you could say I don't have things like honesty or integrity listed but in my life things like that are a given. If it's dishonest, if you will not be able to face yourself by participating in something, if it's straight cheating then it's again non negotiable and the direction is RUN. Do not pass go... Easy... Now am I perfect in everything? No, of course not. But I am always working to be my best self.

Another great goal planning series is this four-part yearly planning series from Ink and Volt. It's inspired much of what I do every year when I am setting goals and making plans!

Complete Yoga Teacher Training post-it from my goal poster
This WILL get done!!!

Out of all of this I have identified a handful of things I want to work on and one big goal I'm working towards this year. My 2018 goal of the year is to Complete Yoga Teacher Training. I have realized in planning and reflecting year after year I have many things I want to do but most of them aren't what I'd consider a goal. I know some might but I've realized that I don't see things like reading a number of books, finishing a craft I'm working on, or learning more about subjects of interest as goals. I see them as things I'd like to do that I can cross off or make a list of as I go along but they aren't things I feel I need to plan out, look at the why, and figure out what I need to do to make these things happen. This year I'll have my one big goal and a few things I am tracking to see that I am making progress on them but I most of them don't have an end goal so I'm happy with this format. We'll see how it plays out over this year.

I'll come back and share some of the other things I am hoping to work on during this year soon but for now I'd love to know what your big goal or goals are for the year. What does your planning process look like? How do you make sure you stay on track during the year? Leave your thoughts in the comments as I'd love to hear what you're working on!


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