Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom

As I've made my Yoga Teacher Training a priority in the last weeks of 2016 I've been able to remember many of the reasons I chose to participate in a teacher training over just continuing to practice on my own. I can't say it any better than this piece I revisited in Session Two.
The more understanding that the yogi has of various modalities of practice the more useful yoga will be as a tool for integrated wholeness. Yoga practice is as varied as individual body types, ages, as well as mental and physical ability. The structures of your practice will change to meet the context of your life. Knowledge is power, if it can be transformed into understanding. If understanding can be given freedom to evolve it will become wisdom. Yoga helps to cultivate this wisdom in a way that can help you realize yourself in the most authentic way possible. In turn, this wisdom can offer you the gift to be present in your specific life situations, regardless of how they may vary.
I seriously love all of this. I completely relate to yoga changing to meet my needs at different points in my life. Learning is so important to me and the reason why I stick with anything in general. Once I master something I'm likely to get bored and want to do something else. I love being challenged and having to learn. I appreciate yoga for it's ability to help me better understand who I am so I can live an authentic life.

I actually went into my YTT assuming that I'd knock out the requirements up front and finish my certification requirements as soon as we finished the in person classes. Boy was I wrong. I did get slowed down when I found out I was pregnant with our second child and since then I've just got back to the point of feeling like I have enough of a handle on life that I can work on things that are outside of work and taking care of the kids.
YTT Certification Requirements - (c) Bodhi Yoga
As I have revisited the things I learned in person I realized that yoga therapy is something that fits the passion I have for understanding the human body and helping others. I have always loved medicine and growing up wanted to be a Physical Therapist. Obviously medical school didn't work out for me but I realized that yoga therapy could be similar enough to working in medicine without having to go back to school for years and incurring massive amounts of debt. I could definitely see a future for myself as a yoga therapist.

The anatomy study is where I know I'll be a lifelong student.
I've got more studying to do and my practice teaching to take on but overall I feel like YTT is the type of experience that I would have loved regardless of the outcomes. It's an amazing opportunity to learn more and to integrate that knowledge into my life and the lives of others.

What do you love most about yoga? Is there another hobby you have that fulfils you on a deeply personal level? What energizes you to stick with something and keep going? For me it's the pursuit of knowledge and new experiences that keeps me going.


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