BodhiYin, Ahh-mazing

BodhiYin! How do I love thee, let me count the ways...

If you caught my recent post about the BodhiFlow, this is another type of yoga we learned at the Bodhi Yoga Yoga Teacher Training. BodhiYin allows the body, mind, and spirit to recharge with supportive restorative postures using stillness, breath, and subtle intrinsic movements. This practices uses bolsters, blankets, and other props to help the body and mind let go and relax. The poses are held for longer periods of time allowing the body to fully relax into the poses.

I love BodhiYin because it helps me to slow down and decompress. This practice is great if you're dealing with anxiety, burnout, stress, chronic pain, and so much more.

I also love BodhiYin because it moves slowly enough to allow you to really feel your body and get comfortable with your range of motion and how things feel in YOUR body. Sometimes yoga can move so fast and you can feel the pressure to keep up with others in a class but with BodhiYin you can make the subtle changes and shifts you need to make to really relax into each posture. I feel it's a lovely beginners practice.

BodhiYin can also allow your yoga teacher to provide hands on adjustments (if they are trained in them) which can help you with alignment, activate acupressure points, or help you go deeper into each pose. This can make your experience almost like a full body massage except you can learn the poses and take them home with you.

Have you ever experienced a restorative yoga practice? If so, what was your favorite part about it? Do you enjoy the slow movement and long holds or does moving that slowly drive your mind crazy? I'd love to hear about what you like and don't like about classes you've taken.


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