Let's Get Physical

If you're the type who's considering yoga for the what it can do for your body here are ten things a regular yoga practice can do for you.
  1. Yoga gives skin a healthy glow by detoxing through sweating, balancing hormones, and boosting the flow of oxygen rich blood to the skin.
  2. Yoga strengthens the bones and keeps optimal range of motion through the joints.
  3. Yoga strengthens, tones, and lengthens the muscles through movement.
  4. Yoga acts as a cleanser of the circulatory system and tones the entire cardiovascular system.
  5. Yoga increases overall lung capacity.
  6. Yoga stimulates digestion and healthy eliminative function.
  7. Yoga can be used to cleanse the GI tract.
  8. Yoga is a balancing tonic for glandular flow and stimulates Thyroid function and the Pituitary.
  9. Yoga increases nerve energy pathways throughout the body, balances the cerebral-spinal fluids, and releases impingement pressure on nerves.
  10. Yoga balances the right and left-brain thinking capacity, increases conscious awareness, and concentration.
In addition to these amazing physical benefits, yoga can also increase the flow of energy through your body. In yoga we call this energy, Prana, but you might have also heard of this energy referred to as life force or Qi (Ch'i).

There are so many layers to what yoga can provide. It just depends on how deep you want to go.
For me, when I first discovered yoga I enjoyed practicing for the physical benefits. I loved gaining flexibility and strength and often could get a really great workout through a faster paced practice. As I've gotten older I have found a connection to the side of yoga that supports my mental health and energy. I love that no matter why I practice yoga I still receive both the mental and physical benefits when I commit to a regular practice. Yoga Teacher Training has allowed me to grow my practice and I know I'll continue to learn more about myself as I go.

Do you practice yoga for the physical benefits it provides? Do you feel there is a place for the spiritual side of yoga in your practice? What are your favorite poses that support you feeling strong or flexible?


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