A New Story

WOW! Again, it's been quite a while since I last posted but there will be a fun flurry of activity in the next few weeks as I work to finish up my yoga teacher training. I went into my training really thinking I would knock it out right away and start teaching yoga on the side. I felt I'd work hard and eventually quit working to teach yoga and take care of our kids. Then I got pregnant with Kira and because of a whole lot of change in our lives it felt like that path was no longer the path that was going to serve me and our family.

I've been meditating for 60 days in a row now and this quote came up a couple days ago. It sums up how I feel about how things are changing. On some fronts I feel I was holding on to an ideal from when I first started my yoga teacher training but now I feel the Universe has been taking me on another path.

I've been studying my beautiful yoga manual and remembering all the wonderful things we learned in person and through the videos Syl offers online. One of the reasons I chose to take my training at Bodhi Yoga was the fact I had a huge manual of information I could reference and videos that walked through everything I was going to learn in person. I knew I'd want to be able to refer back and refresh my memory and that's what I've been doing.

This past week I was able to attend the Utah Philanthropy Day celebration as a representative of United Way of Salt Lake. We had nominated Dick Bollard who has been a long time supporter and a part of our Day of Caring Committee. I have learned so much from him through the years of planning and executing the biggest volunteer event of our year and I was so happy he was able to be honored for his service. He truly serves to help others and would never have asked to be recognized in any way and I know that made it even better that he truly felt honored to be there.

While we were talking during lunch he asked me if I was planning to stick with the work I do or if I had anything else in mind. He knows I have two young kids and live a ways from work so he was curious what I had in mind. I absolutely love what I do and don't see myself leaving anytime soon (part of why my vision of teaching yoga full time changed) but I told him I was finishing up my yoga teacher training and that lately I have felt pulled towards yoga therapy. Yoga changed my life in so many ways and the underlying reason I wanted to go through the training was to learn how to help others through yoga.

It will be interesting to see where life takes me as I work to finish my teacher training. I don't anticipate any huge changes right away but I feel when I sit quietly (60 days of meditation has helped) sometimes I find the clarity I'm looking for.  


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