YTT Session One

I am so excited to share a recap of my first Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) session! Part of my training includes blogging about my experiences. If you are interested in getting up to speed on my YTT journey you can check out my past posts here.

YTT started on January 30th. Our group will gather every last weekend of the month at the Bodhi Yoga studio in Provo, Utah. It's such a wonderful and beautiful space and the people in my training all seem like long lost friends. I am very hopeful that we'll all support each other throughout this time together and hopefully well into the future.

I love that this training is a good balance of book work, videos, demonstrations, discussions, and hands on work. We all have the use of bolsters, blocks, blankets, mats, eye masks, other props, and the studio space where we can learn and even practice teach. If anyone is in the Provo/Orem area and wants to get a group together I'm happy to coordinate a time so we can use the studio space. It's amazing and I know your friends and family would love it!

We were advised to come prepared and bring snacks so I put together a nice healthy mix of nuts, fruit, and dark chocolate chips to help me keep my energy up through discussions. Friday we meet from 3 - 9 and Saturdays are 8:30-5 which includes a full yoga practice so having healthy and good food and lots of water are essential.

On our first night together we shared some delightful dishes from Bombay House. There are three locations in town and I HIGHLY recommend you get yourself there soon and try some of their food. It was so good Joe and I ended up getting some for us on Saturday for dinner.

On our first day I found out that Rani, a certified teacher that assists during class, took her training at the same time as my friend Tara did. There is also a student, Emma, who also knows Tara which makes the class seem even more exciting since we have this common connection between us.

Our class is made up of all women but we have a variety of ages from, I'd guess, 20's all the way through 75. Some people are single, some married, some with and without kids, some have kids that are grown and out of the house, some tall and short, and all body types which is great. When I was driving down for day one I was a little worried that I'd show up and be the only one who wasn't wearing a complete Lululemon outfit and in perfect shape. I guess I should have known better based on the vibe you get walking into the studio. It's not pretentious at all it seems to attract normal people who want to enjoy yoga and share their time together.

At the end of our second day Kaija gave every student a lovely little note. I don't know if they are all the same or different but it was nice to receive and I now have mine in the front of my binder as a reminder of her thoughtful words.

On day two we had some time to break for lunch and luckily I could just run across the street to Zupas. I picked up some food and took it back to the studio to eat. The place was packed and definitely not the vibe I was looking for during our break. It was nice to eat and share some time with Renae so I could get to know here a little. (She is 75 years young and raised 10 children. Now she wants to bring yoga and meditation to other seniors to help them. She is amazing!)

Overall I feel this was the right decision for me and I am so pleased with how things have gone so far. I am excited to work on our follow up items before our next session and can't wait to see everyone again. I do miss Russell when I'm gone for so much of the weekend but he still shows me he loves yoga too by playing with my bolster I got for Christmas and helping me clean my mat at home.

If you want to know more about the Bodhi Yoga studio, the classes that are available there, or the Yoga Teacher Training I am a part of you can find all the details at Don't forget, if you are interested in being part of my practice teaching please complete this form and then I'll know to contact you when I'm ready to start scheduling my practice classes. Namaste.


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