Tea Time

I love local loose leaf teas when I have the time to indulge in something special but lately I have been trying to drink more tea in the afternoons instead of having another cup of coffee. I know the caffeine in coffee can impact sleep and I know it's better to drink more water or tea instead.

I have enjoyed the Echinacea Immune Support tea from Yogi Tea and we recently branched out to try the Bedtime tea. YUM! It's wonderful and I am hoping it will help me sleep. I think the other thing I love about Yogi tea is the little quotes and positive thoughts on the tea tags. Sometimes a happy message can be the thing that pulls you through a long afternoon of meetings. I just wanted to share some of my recent words of wisdom from tea time.

What is your favorite type of tea? Do you have favorite brand or a local favorite shop where you can have a perfect cup of tea? Share your favorite brands or flavors and why you love it. I'm always looking to try a new tea and add variety to my tea collection.


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