4 goals for 2015

We started the year with 4 Tips for Setting Your 2015 Goals. Hopefully by now you've taken some time to sit down and think about what will be important for you in 2015. Perhaps you wrote down a few goals or maybe you went all out and put together your goal poster. Either way, I'm hopeful you have something on paper and will be working towards your goals with me through 2015.

I always feel it's important to "walk the walk" and not just "talk the talk". These days with the wealth of information out there it's easy for someone to read up and decide they're an expert in any given topic. I want you to know that when I am talking about goal setting it's through years of work, evaluation, and trial and error that has led me to where I am at now. I personally think my system is still a work in progress but each time I find a way to refine it I know I am getting that much closer to a system that will work for me year after year.

As you can see in the first picture our goal poster is up. Since getting married Joe and I have been making a goal poster together. I used to have one of my own that would live in my office space but I never really looked at it so it wasn't that helpful. Finally after we realized we were both going to work towards things to improve ourselves and our lives we started making a shared goal poster. In our old home in Las Vegas it lived on the bathroom mirror. Here it lives on the wall between our bedroom closet and bathroom. It's the perfect place because it can be the last thing you see before you fall asleep and the first thing you see when you wake up.

After a long period of reflection I realized that 2015 is all about building a foundation. I felt like I have these great goals and dreams and I want them to be a reality now but I know that those people you see who seemingly achieve overnight success really worked hard year after year before their preparation met opportunity and BAM! Success!!! I decided that if I wanted to achieve my big crazy goals I needed to work hard to build a foundation for my future success. This year it's time to get back to basics and master some new things.

As I mentioned, I am walking the walk so here are my 4 big goals for the year:
  1. Learn more - yep, I always have a goal that is mostly focused around reading more books. This year I've expanded it to include taking classes or attending webinars because I feel it will be smart for me to start networking with the people who are going to help me fulfill my dreams. I also feel in some subjects I have done a lot of reading and it's time to start putting that knowledge into practice.
  2. Live a healthy lifestyle - to make it simple, I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I try my hardest to stay positive and not complain but honestly most days I feel like crap. Whether it's feeling bloated after a meal or my hands hurting and peeling from eczema I feel like everyday is a battle to not feel like crap. This year I want to start making the little changes that will hopefully add up to not feeling bad every day over time. 
  3. Cultivate creativity - when I think back to the happiest times of my life it was when I was being creative. I've played the piano since I was three. I loved to dance in high school. I have always taken various cooking and crafting classes and loved them. Even my favorite memories from growing up include doing crafts with my mom. Now I love all the crafty things I can do and I want to expand my creativity. I want to try new things and remind myself that sometimes it's ok to not have to be logical and to just have fun.
  4. Start building a billion dollar brand - honestly, I thought about not sharing this one here. I felt like it was one of those goals most people would laugh at or think wow she's seriously delusional. I get it, my blog isn't the best looking or most sophisticated. I don't have a product that's making millions and I am not connected to the rich and famous. But... I feel you have to start somewhere and if I focus on doing the things that will make my business billion dollar fabulous then one day, just maybe, it will actually become that. Can you imagine? Every billion dollar business started as an idea so why can't my idea eventually get there to? 

There are two additional goals that are on our poster that are shared goals. Our biggest being to save money to buy a home this year and the second is to take time to have a monthly date/family day. I feel having goals as a couple gives you something to work towards together. It also helps you both to have an understanding of what is mutually important to the both of you or what is important for the family. I believe writing those mutually shared goals down helps avoid the confusion about what is/is not a priority so you both know where the money needs to go.

So that's it for me! It's time for you to share your goals with the world. I'm excited to have shared my goals with you and I hope you'll come back to check in on my progress and get tips on achieving your goals throughout this year. 

Have you created a goal poster or written your goals down for the year? If you're feeling bold share one or all of your goals in the comments below. You can also tag #motovated and @motovatedwellness if you share a photo of your goal poster on your social media. I would love to see what you're working on this year so we can keep each other accountable!


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