Wellness Wednesday - Finally Answers

WOW. If you read my post two weeks ago about some trouble I was having with my skin you would have found out two things. One, that I was doing some mad cleaning around the house and two, that my dermatologist thought I had a fungal infection (ringworm). Well, I am excited to say that after the couple of weeks of still not clearing things up and feeling rather crappy about the whole situation I went back in and showed her what my hands were doing. To me it was completely different from how things were but still concerning enough to need to be seen. With the additional information I shared and finding out that our cats did not have ringworm we concluded that it was likely I actually have a form of eczema called Nummular Eczema.

I have found through my whole life I don't often get sick with small things but I end up getting things that aren't as common so it's not surprising that I'd end up with a disease that tends to be more common in men than women and also is more typical to older men 55 plus. HA! On the bright side it's not contagious and will just take some care on my part to keep it from flaring up. Anyone with eczema will understand that sometimes it can come and go and sometimes it can be really bad. I would classify the past few weeks as a really bad phase. Luckily now I have what I need to treat it and can better take care of my skin.

You know it's scary when the person at the pharmacy asks you if you were aware what your meds would cost...
I was prescribed a couple of medications to help treat the eczema and just as my dermatologist said I could begin seeing results as quickly as a day or two. She was not lying. My hands look and feel significantly better. I can tell the spots on my arms and legs are also getting better which is great. I think I would have freaked out if things didn't get better though because this medicine is no joke.

Check out the "your insurance saved you" numbers. Crazy! Who can afford this stuff without insurance?
Yeah, I am super grateful that I have insurance that helps me cover this stuff because I paid $132.03 which was rather pricy but as you can see with my insurance and a coupon from the doctor that saved me $805.95. I'm pretty sure if I didn't have insurance I wouldn't have gone to the doctor so many times to figure this out and then I couldn't have afforded this medication. Sheesh. This makes me grateful that I don't often get sick because I have friends with chronic health conditions and I know medications can get really expensive.

I now have some giant tubes of meds. HA HA HA!
Anyway, I just wanted to say we finally have answers and I am grateful it's something I can manage. I'm also happy we didn't do anything hasty and get rid of the cats really fast. We did get a new couch but we really needed it anyway. I'm also still going to get the allergy test done to see what I'm allergic to because I still wake up sneezing quite often and I go back and forth between stuffy and runny nose symptoms. Allergies can trigger eczema so it will be good for me to be aware if there are any other things that may bother me.

Do you or someone you know have eczema? Do you have any nice heavy creams you've found that work well for you? I have a few that my doctor recommended but I'm always interested in hearing what else is working for others. 


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