Family Friday - Winter Weather

Ah winter weather. Part of me is ready for some serious snow so we can take Russell outside to build snowmen, make snow angels, and just run around in the snow. Then there's the part of me that realizes snow = crazy terrible commutes. BOO! For now I am embracing things knowing that the seasons must change at some point so winter here we go!

We finally bought our tickets to The Nutcracker. We haven't ever gone to the ballet before so this will be fun.
Yep, there is no escape. The stores are full of Christmas stuff. This was just one endcap...
Russell is sporting his winter coat and carrying his lemon. He loves to hold on to lemons for some reason.
I get it's not even Thanksgiving yet but Russell loves trains so we put some up on the windows and he loves it!
Surprisingly the trains have still lasted so far. We have low expectations for them surviving through December.
Last Saturday we woke up to our first snow that stuck but by mid day a lot of it had melted already.
A snowy train seemed perfect with the snow outside.
Are you ready for winter weather? Have you already had snow where you live or are you lucky enough to live somewhere that doesn't see snow? I saw plenty of pictures of friends in the Salt Lake valley who got way more snow than we did. It will be interesting to see how much snow we get this winter.


  1. no snow yet, I only want snow until Christmas

    Do you live in Day Break?

    1. Hey Kaycee! We don't live in Daybreak but we are close. We are just outside of the Daybreak area by the District. It's super convenient though because then I can still go to the stuff in Daybreak without the crazy HOA fees and stuff. HA HA HA! That and we only rent right now so it's a pretty great place to live. :)


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