Family Friday - Fall Time Fun

So the past few weeks we've been doing a lot of work in my parents backyard to help keep things ready for winter. We've done a lot of raking leaves and pulling out dead plants. I've decided in the coming year I need to stand in the same spot and take a panoramic pic through the different seasons because it is so different looking at different times in the year. Right now things are looking pretty bare. This panoramic picture was from the other weekend so some of the green you see has now fallen off the trees.

I took this funny panoramic over my head which is why you can't really tell where the ground is in this picture. If you can't figure out how this picture works I was facing the fence at the bottom of the picture and instead of panning from left to right I went from in front of me and up over my head. 

I have truly decided that if you want a good workout find a 3 year old and have them "help" you rake leaves. Russell LOVES to run through the leaves and spread them all over the place. You can end up raking each leaf multiple times with a 3 year old's help. On the bright side, at least for us, Russell really does love to help and he will help gather the leaves and throw them in the garbage can. It's super cute. 

Close up of Russell. I can't believe he's getting to be so big! I'm interested to see what he thinks of snow when winter comes. In the past he's seemed like he was just too young to really have an opinion of it. Now we'll see if he likes playing in the snow or if he decides it's better to stay inside. I honestly can't imagine he won't love the snow and love playing outside even when it's cold. This boy LOVES being outside.

So, happy fall everyone. I know we can't be far from winter weather so I am enjoying the crisp cool evenings and somewhat warm days.

What are your favorite fall activities? Are you looking forward to winter or do you dread the cold and snow? If you have any family traditions during this time of year I'd love for you to share them.


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