Wellness Wednesday - Shop Small

For my job we always have to think ahead to the next big event that is coming up. At this point we're already geared up and sharing information with others about holiday volunteering. Yep, I get it, we're like the retailers already selling holiday stuff. HA HA HA! At least we're just promoting ways to help others and give back. I am always overwhelmed by the need that exists and then I am amazed by the generosity of others.

Since we're already talking about the holidays at work I've now started thinking about all the gifts I want to get others for Christmas, the cards I want to get printed with our cute family pictures, and the things I want to accomplish before the end of the year. I completely believe in the power of supporting local and small businesses when you can. There are so many amazing things being created out there by passionate people who want to share what they love with you.

For me wellness is a way of life. It's all about the actions you take on a daily basis and I feel that you can create balance for yourself by doing your part to support local, small, and home businesses. So, to help you find some awesome options I wanted to share a couple of my favorite creatives.

Kumiko's Origami Jewelry
Kumiko is here in Salt Lake City which is so exciting! If you're in UT you can support a small business owner as well as shop locally. I LOVE these earrings and the other cute pieces that came out for Halloween. So fun!

Mikay Love
I learned about Mikay Love through my favorite crochet blog All About Ami. When I saw this piece on Instagram I fell in love with the brilliant fall colors paired with that beautiful dark gunmetal gray. I feel I need these two pieces in my life.

The Steppie
Finally if you know me, you know I love pandas. I totally want to get this cute "Panda Bums" racerback tank from The Steppie. She creates cute clothes and accessories and I seriously want it all. HA HA HA!

Now, get out there and shop local! Support a small business and make a difference in the lives of the people who are busting their butts to do what they love. It's totally worth it and it shows you took the time to find a unique gift for someone.

What are your favorite local businesses? Share links to the places you love to shop in the comments so we can all find something new.


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