Wellness Wednesday - Getting Focused

Up until a couple weeks ago life was super hectic. Preparing for our biggest volunteer day of service is no laughing matter. There are so many components, and being the perfectionist that I am, I tend to get a little more than nervous that I'm going to forget something big. Luckily for all involved it seems like things went well and I'm finally getting to the point where I feel I can move on with things.

Even Panda wants to help me study yoga.
Since then I've been working to get ready for my Yoga Teacher Training that starts in January. I am beyond excited about this for many reasons. During this journey I plan to document some of my reflections and thoughts about this experience on my blog. Part of my reason for doing this is because I want a record for myself and for Russell, should he choose to look at it one day. The other reason for doing this is to meet one of the requirements for my teacher certification. Honestly, I would have done this anyway so I feel this will be fun.

I chose Bodhi Yoga because I could see exactly what I was going to get for my investment.
Today I wanted to start with some intentions. It will be interesting to see if any of my intentions change at the completion of my training but for now here we go! Why I want to teach...

I love that even if I never taught from this experience I would have tools to support my personal life.
What is your intention for this training?
First I wanted to do this training for me. I wanted to do something that was meaningful to me that I knew would help improve my life. In improving me I know that it will help me be a better wife, mother, and friend. I am a huge proponent of lifelong learning because in learning new things I feel I can be better prepared for wherever life takes me.

For me, this training provides an opportunity to educate myself in a practice that I can use through my entire life. I know that in building a strong personal practice it will not only give me the physical strength and flexibility that will help my body stay healthy but it will give me the mental strength and flexibility to deal with all of life's ups and downs.

What is your intention for your personal practice?
I want my personal practice to be a space where I can look inward and learn to take care of myself. I want to better listen to my body to understand what it needs so I can do my part to live a healthy and balanced life. I hope that my personal practice will help me be more calm and accepting of both myself and others. I hope that I will learn to be open to myself and in turn be more open to others. I hope that my practice will help me to love myself just as I am so I can better love others that come into my life.

What is your intention for instructing yoga?
I have always wanted to do something that would help others. I have explored many different options and never found something that seemed right for me. When I rediscovered yoga I realized it was something I felt I could do for the rest of my life and be totally happy. I felt there were so many options of how I could use the practice to provide a living for my family but more than that I could truly help others. I have felt so much peace and happiness through yoga that I want to help bring that feeling to others.

What is your intention for understanding yoga?
I personally feel we need balance in all things. For me diving deeper into understanding the history of yoga and how a yoga practice can better support my health and well being is a solid balance to all the available types of western medicine I have access to. I want to learn more about holistic health and wellness options so I can make informed decisions about how to take care of my body.

I also want to better understand yoga because it's such a long standing tradition and I feel that things that are so timeless may have a lot we can learn from. I'm never ok with doing things just because it's how it's always been done but with something like yoga that people have been using for thousands of years to heal and bring peace I feel it's worth knowing more about.

What is your intention for yourself?
I hope that this training provides opportunities for growth and expansion. I hope that I can learn things that will help me and help others. I also hope that through this journey I can look inward and discover my highest self. I hope that this experience will take me down a path of creating my own business where I can help others and provide for my family while doing something I love and believe in.

So this is my intention right now. I'm excited to be on this journey and can't wait to share more about what I learn with you. I'd love to know what is your intention for yourself at this time. It doesn't matter where your journey is taking you but it does help to know where you want to go or why you're doing something so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. If you want to learn more about my training check out the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training. I think there are still a couple spots available if you want to join me on this journey.


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