Wellness Wednesday - dōTERRA Convention

I am so excited to share some pictures from the dōTERRA Convention. I have to admit going in I was actually pretty skeptical about the whole thing. I've been to conferences for work as well as Mary Kay and I figured it would just be another ra-ra, keep drinking the cool-aid, and spend more money kind of an ordeal. Luckily, I found I was totally wrong and it ended up being a really good time.

Nothing like 18,000 people gathered in downtown SLC!
We started out with a general opening session that took place in the Energy Solutions Arena. If you're not from UT that is the arena where the Utah Jazz basketball team plays. It's got huge capacity and is often used for concerts and other huge events. We packed the house with folks who are all interested in natural holistic options to take care of their health and well being. I was most impressed that this conference was filled with people from all walks of life. Young, old, male, female, very corporate business types, and of course a few very hippie looking people you would imagine would be into essential oils.

Going to conferences = learning about and getting the newest products before anyone else!
During the opening session they announced the new products that are coming out this year. I was amazed that some of what came out were things I thought they were lacking. One was a "greens" product because I see so many other network marketing businesses with that type of product and I felt even with our Trim Shake options in chocolate and vanilla a greens product would round out what we offered. I also thought not having a sample option for the toothpaste was pretty crappy because there's no good way to sample from your own personal tube of toothpaste and now they have awesome sample packets that look good and will be safe to share.

Loving the Veráge all-natural skin care line. It's amazing!
The other thing I felt they were lacking was an all-natural skin care line. They have great skin care options right now but I felt some of the people I'd talked to were looking for truly all-natural products. I have tried the Veráge products for a couple of days now and I can say I am very impressed. I have crazy combination skin where my skin tends to be super dry in areas and oily in others and I can have smooth, soft, and moisturized skin without slathering on a ton of product which is really impressive.

So excited for an all-natural first-aid ointment!
The other cool product they announced is an all-natural first-aid ointment. It's like that other brand of first-aid ointment we all know of and probably have in our homes right now but it's all-natural AND has the benefits of essential oils. I'm excited to see how this works even though I don't really want to get hurt to try it. HA HA HA!

dōTERRA products are grown around the world
Finally, the other thing that really impressed me was hearing about what dōTERRA is doing around the world to support the people who farm and extract our essential oils. Doing things like paying more for high quality product, building pipelines for water, or helping farmers form co-ops so they can work together to be successful dōTERRA is helping to change lives for not just those who sell the products but also for those who help create the products.

I'm sure some of you have recently heard about some dōTERRA and Young Living people claiming crazy things like essential oils cure Ebola or that they can cure cancer. Honestly I am not about to discount someones personal experience if they used essential oils and found themselves free of cancer but I'm also not about to tell you to scrap your chemo treatments and start downing oils like it's going out of style. If you're ever wondering, Joe and I believe in and use the essential oils to supplement our health care and to reduce the toxins we're bringing into our home. We do NOT ever want to represent that essential oils can take the place of your prescription drugs or other treatment plans unless you are working with your medical professional and they feel it's a good option for you. 

Seriously, I hope that people will still be open to using essential oils because I feel there are so many benefits the oils can provide to help balance your life even if there are a few crazy people out there trying to claim some outrageous things. I have found the biggest benefit from the oils in supporting my well being (stress reduction, helping me sleep, etc.) and in helping to keep me healthy (curbing symptoms when I am first getting sick, shortening how long I am sick, managing symptoms from being sick, etc.). Could you argue the oils had nothing to do with these things, sure. Maybe it's all placebo and simply in my head but I feel they do help me and I do like them. If you'd like to try something from dōTERRA just leave me a comment and let me know. I am happy to send samples anywhere so you can try for yourself and see what you think.


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