Throwback Thursday - Ready for Winter

Ok, I get the title is a little deceiving in that it could imply I am ready for winter. I don't know if I am really ready but I figure bring it on. Honestly I think I'd like a few more weeks of fall and moderate temperatures but there are a few things I do like about winter.

1. Russell is so cute all bundled up in the winter. Throwback to Russell's first snow and you'll see what I mean. Kids in warm winter gear are just adorable.

2. I love sweaters and warm winter coats. I also like warm winter crafting. Bring on the knitting and crochet time!!!

3. I love that anytime is a good time for coffee or hot chocolate. Throw in soups and stews and I'm totally there.

4. Fun times with friends and family. Joe and I have a tradition where every December we pick a fun "date night" and try to invite other couples and friends to join us for a fun night out doing something holiday related and enjoying a nice meal. If you'd like to join and you're in UT let me know and I'll make sure you get the invite.

5. The holidays!!! Halloween! Thanksgiving! Christmas! I love all the lights, the decorations, and all the yummy goodies and meals. Sign me up for this action! I also LOVE giving and receiving Christmas cards. Seriously send me one and I'll send you one back.

Are you ready for fall/winter? Do you like these seasons or even have them where you're at? I think the only thing holding me back from really loving winter is the fact I have a long commute that is made miserable by winter snow and rain. If I didn't have the commute I think I could really learn to love winter. :)


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