Throwback Thursday - Hawaii

Ok, today's TBT is all about going back to our honeymoon! One of my darling friends asked me if this month was our wedding anniversary and I realized why she would think that. We actually got married in March but because Joe was in school we waited to go on our honeymoon until he was done. We ended up going on a 7 day cruise around the Hawaiian islands as well as an additional 7 days on Waikiki. It was such a magical time and so much fun! Some of my favorite vacation memories are from my times in Hawaii (both growing up and on our honeymoon).

Our Hawaii Honeymoon

I can honestly say Hawaii is my favorite place. I love it for all the reasons most tourists would mention but also because my family is there. We have had such good times eating, having fun on the beach, or just hanging out at my relatives homes. It's beautiful and fun and I would absolutely go back anytime I have the opportunity to.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot? If money were no object and you had no limits where would you visit? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Are you planning on making your dream vacation a reality? I know I'm always looking to go back to Hawaii and I feel it's time to start saving so I can get back there again with Russell and Joe.


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