Family Friday - Fun

Today I wanted to share some fun things that happened over the past week with my family.

For Jared's birthday he picked Jasmine China Bistro & Sushi Bar. Apparently we've gone there before though I really couldn't remember until we were leaving when I realized it did seem familiar. Normally Jared picks somewhere like a steakhouse so I was intrigued to have something else for lunch. My Mom and I ordered bento boxes, my Dad got a plate of sushi rolls, and Jared got a Chinese noodle dish. Overall we got a ton of food for our money and it was a good time together.

After eating out for Jared's birthday we went and did some yard work to prep for winter. My Mom has been working with us to clear the backyard and get things ready for snowy and wet weather. You can't leave everything until spring or else you end up with a yucky mess to deal with when the snow melts. Really it's been Joe doing a ton of work with my Mom but Russell is a good little helper. He got his awesome little gloves for his birthday from a friend of mine and he is definitely getting use out of them. He wears them while helping to throw away stuff and it's just so cute.

On Sunday we go over for fun in the sun and dinner with the family. I love this weekly tradition because it's nice to see everyone all together and my Mom always makes yummy food. This weekend we had some yummy stuffed shells and enjoyed some more of the nice fall weather. I had to snap a few pictures of Joe and I together because I realized we don't have a ton of photos of us together. Most of the time we're taking pictures of Russell so we took a couple of selfies just for fun.

The leaves have started changing colors and we know that means it will be time to do some serious raking soon. We decided to rake a small pile of leaves for Russell to enjoy and he just loved it. He had fun collecting the leaves in his little bucket and throwing them all over the grass. I realized if you want a good workout just rake leaves with a 3 year old. We raked the same leaves over and over but really we were ok with it since we knew we were just having fun with Russell.

The other thing that's fun is seeing Russell's excitement for the holidays. He's been saying "ha-ween" over and over lately. He was totally excited to see the Halloween decorations that Mom put out at her house. I get more interested in the holidays with Russell  because he enjoys all the fun and decor so I know as he gets older we'll do more to make the holidays really magical for him.

Have you done anything interesting together as a family over the past week or so? Do you have any fun family plans for the holidays? Share what you're up to in the comments!


  1. we still need to get together for sushi sometime! ;) have you been to that place i love yet?

    1. I agree! We actually just went to a new sushi place in Riverton to try it out. It was pretty good. I would love to go to your favorite place though. I'm all for new yummy sushi. MMM!!! Usually weekends work well for us though I will have a good chunk of time off in December. :)


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