Wellness Wednesday - Snail Mail

Hopefully you caught my last Wellness Wednesday post about my Cell Free Detox. In honor of going back to more traditional ways of communication I wanted to put it out there that it's about time for Christmas card season! Oh yes! Don't deny it. I get we're only in September but if I don't get going now cards won't get out until it's almost Christmas. HA HA HA!!!

Seriously, who doesn't love a baby in a snow suit?!?
It's funny because I never really thought I cared about getting cards but I actually enjoy getting paper mail. (As long as it's not junk mail.) I love getting something in the mail knowing that the sender had to at least take the time to think of you long enough to get your address on an envelope, put a stamp on it, and get it to the mail box. It's so fun to see how your friends families have grown through the years and I am totally the person who keeps my cards year after year.

Russell's first Christmas. He was a tiny little guy!
So, because I have been looking at what design to pick for our families Christmas card this year I wanted to see how many people out there still send cards. If you do, here's what I want to know.
  1. What type of card do you send? (Photo card, family letter, regular cards, etc.)
  2. Who do you send cards to? (Just family, family and friends, professional/networking connections, etc.)
  3. How many cards do you send?
We have typically done a photo card because it's easy and I personally like seeing pictures of my friends and relatives around the holidays. We usually just send to family and a few close friends and I think in the past few years we've only sent around 20 cards.

Russell loves shiny things. HA HA HA!
I love getting cards so if you'd like to send a card my way I'd be delighted and it would hang in our house until after Christmas. I'm also thinking about some sort of fun holiday exchange we could do if people were interested.

Maybe Russell will like Temple Square more this year than in the past.
Share with me your favorite holiday traditions! As Russell's gotten older I'm getting more excited about the holidays and the fun we'll have together as a family.


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I never really cared about sending out Christmas cards until I had a kid. This year I can't wait to put one together! I love the cards with photos. They're so much fun to look at. I also kind of like it when a short little letter is included that lets me know what folks have been up to. We have a lot of family out of state so I think it will be fun to do this every year and get some in return. I asked Jen if she'd try to get a nice shot of the three of us next time she is in town that I can use on a card. Then I'll probably just use one of those postcard type ones and include a short little letter!

    1. Kim, I'm with you. Before baby I could give or take sending cards most years but once you have a baby it's like WAIT, the world needs to see his cuteness. HA HA HA! We're totally doing one of the postcard type photo cards which is what we've done in the past because it's easy. My friend Amy took some awesome family photos of us so we'll use one of those. If Jen doesn't make it down let me know. Amy is wonderful and super affordable. :)


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