Throwback Thursday - Making a Difference

After hearing some amazing stories of gratitude on Day of Caring I decided that today I wanted to throwback to a post I wrote thanking the amazing staff and people that were there to support me when Russell was born.

The sweet little sign on Russell's bed in the NICU.

In my Day of Caring post I mentioned being speechless when the Kearns High botany teacher told me that that day was probably the best day in his entire teaching career. I commented that I felt that was rare but I'm sure in some professions it's more common to actually have a lasting life long impact on someone.

Alison and I after a long day at work for Day of Caring. I had to plug in my phone to snap this pic.
In reflecting I also realized that all of us really have the opportunity to make that kind of a mark on the people we come across every day. I realized through all I did on Day of Caring the things that stick out the most were the moments of friendship and kindness that I gave to others or that others gave to me. I don't think you have to literally save a life to really brighten someones day and even if you never know the impact you had I think it's worth trying to be the person you'd hope to encounter that makes your day a little better.

The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that outlasts it. - William James
I personally am looking inside to how I can be a better person each day. Not just in the big moments but in the little things I say and do. I know it won't be easy because I'm human and we all make mistakes and have a wide range of emotions and circumstances to deal with but in the end I want to know that overall I did my best to be the person I hope to meet every day.

Has anyone ever done something for you that you won't ever forget? Were you ever that person who was able to give something to someone that made a difference in their life. Share your stories and let's get inspired by some happy goodness.


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