Throwback Thursday - Jam Thumbprints

Well, one might say the blog has taken a holiday turn lately and you may be right. I have been thinking of these cookies lately and judging by the last time I wrote about these the seem to match the holiday season. Let's get baking folks!

Jam Thumbprints

Make some jam now while summer fruit is still in season and you'll thank me when you can make these during the holidays. MMMM!!!

Does anyone else go nuts baking or making homemade treats around the holidays? Some of my favorite memories are of my mom making homemade chocolates or cookies for the neighbors. Now my Mom makes this delish caramel popcorn that is a whole lot easier in bulk but I still LOVE those memories of making holiday treats growing up.


  1. this post makes me things of thanksgiving, christmas, and colder snuggly weather ;)


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