Family Friday - Russell Fun

Today I wanted to share a few fun pictures of Russell. For whatever reason I don't think they ever made it into a blog post on their own so I'm sharing them now.  If I've already shared them on well. Bring on the cuteness!!! :)

Look at those sweet little feet!!! (Actually he has pretty big feet.)
Russell and Joe went to Mars.
This guy LOVES tiny tomatoes. YUM!
Ready to go outside and ride his bike!
Russell and the ark!
Is anyone ready for Christmas yet? Russell is!!!
Seriously, is anyone ready for Christmas yet? Part of me is enjoying summer and having fun with Russell outside but part of me is ready to bring on fall, cooler weather, sweaters, soups, and preparation for the holidays.


  1. he is one handsome young fella

    1. Thanks, Kaycee! I think he is for sure but then again I am a little biased. HA HA HA! :)


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