Family Friday - Day of Caring

Oh yes! Another amazing Day of Caring is in the books! I looked back and found a post I wrote about my first Day of Caring and it's so interesting to see how far things have come. If you missed it I posted a bunch of photos on Facebook so you can see a few shots from the Breakfast and the two projects I was able to go to.

I'm totally posting this under Family Friday because if you think about it, depending on your job, sometimes you spend more time with the people you work with than your own family at home. I am always so excited when I have the opportunity to work with people I would gladly call family. Right now I feel I have the best team ever and am proud to work next to them on a daily basis. 

I love my team!!! Alison and Amy are the BEST!
My job on Day of Caring is not to run a project but to make sure things are going well at all of our projects as well as manage media that shows up on site. This year we were super organized with media and I knew exactly where they were going to show up. To my knowledge no one else showed up at any of our other sites so my job was pretty easy. I did end up having to make a mid day run for some extra paint for our mural project but that's exactly what I'm there for. Solving problems and making sure things run well.

Brian and Angel of FM 100 were wonderful to work with.
I also wanted to share some of the media coverage we got (see the list below). I was interviewed in the KSL video and in the background of the Good4Utah - Day of Caring video. I also had the opportunity to do some live radio spots on X96, FM 100.3, and 103.5.

Salt Lake Tribune
Deseret News
Good4Utah - Stuff the Bus
Good4Utah - Day of Caring
I can say in some ways this year was easier and in others it was harder. We continue to expand our work which means more schools and projects to manage but we're continuously working on ways to make our processes better and more efficient for everyone involved.

I loved being a part of the mural project with American Express and Granger Elementary

I felt the day went really well and I can't wait to see pictures of the projects I couldn't get to. The highlight of my day was hearing some of the stories from students at Kearns High as well as the Kearns High botany teacher when he said this might be the best day in his entire teaching career. WOW! When he said that I was completely speechless. To know something you played a small part in facilitating was that impactful for someone seems like such a rare opportunity and I feel blessed to have been a part of that great work.

Before: Kearns High community garden space - weeds, concrete, rebar, and other yucky things.

In Progress: framing garden beds, adding drip irrigation, and completely cleaned out!
And, for those of you who are interested in learning more and getting involved you can visit our newly re-designed website at Seriously it's AWESOME and looks great on any device. Please let me know if you find any typos or links that don't work. It just launched so there is definitely the possibility for bugs or things that got missed.

Amazing volunteers from GE helping build these incredible tables for the inside of the greenhouse.

If you still can't get enough of this amazing goodness check out our pics and video on Facebook and Instagram. You can also search under the hash tags #doc2014, #liveunited, and #volunteer or @uwsl.

P.S. if you need an amazing muralist you must check out Aniko Doman. I've worked with her for years both in Las Vegas and here in Utah and she is amazing. She can provide a mural project like ours for volunteers to complete or she can work the entire process herself from start to finish. 

I also had the privilege of working with Greenside Landscaping and Lowe's. I have to say Brian at the West Valley location at the Pro Desk is tops! He can help you with all your project needs and is very knowledgeable. Kelly in the paint department at the Murray location is great to work with too, as are the guys at the Pro Desk there too. I know retail can be brutal so when I find people who are reliable and provide solid customer service I am all about giving them a little shout out. Greenside Landscaping even helped me get 3 trees within a 18 hour time frame when I realized I hadn't ordered all that I needed. Now that's good customer service.


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