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Throwback Thursday - Our doTERRA Story and Giveaway

Since we're talking about dōTERRA and the good things that have come from this years Convention I wanted to go back just a little bit to Our dōTERRA Story. If you don't know where this all started from you should check it out.

You may or may not have seen this article or others like it circulating on social media talking about the fact thatthere is plastic in some major brands of toothpaste. The manufacturer is claiming the product is totally safe and has committed to remove the plastic from their product by 2016. Honestly I get it takes time to remove something like that from your product and then of course there's the issue of what do you do with all your existing stock but seriously, plastic... Plastic bits that could get stuck between your teeth and in your gums causing problems long term for you and your health. I'm kind of over seeing these big companies think they can get away with putting stuff like this in our products that we think are safe and good for us bu…

Motovated Monday - Your Future Self

I thing it's interesting that I saw this and saved it and then came across it again at the dōTERRA convention this past weekend. I'll be sharing more about the conference later this week but for now remember it's never to late to make changes. It's never too small of an action to get started. Your life is created in your daily habits. The little things you do each and every day are what adds up to the live you are living now. If you don't love what you see there are ways you can change that. One step at a time, one day at a time, and one moment at a time. 

This weekend affirmed for me that my vision to help people live healthy, happy, and balanced lives is what I'm meant to do and whatever form that takes I will continue to strive to be the best person I can each day so I can be a positive example for my friends and family. I feel so blessed to be able to share this journey with anyone who comes across my blog and hope that you will find something here today t…

Family Friday - Day of Caring

Oh yes! Another amazing Day of Caring is in the books! I looked back and found a post I wrote about my first Day of Caring and it's so interesting to see how far things have come. If you missed it I posted a bunch of photos on Facebook so you can see a few shots from the Breakfast and the two projects I was able to go to.

I'm totally posting this under Family Friday because if you think about it, depending on your job, sometimes you spend more time with the people you work with than your own family at home. I am always so excited when I have the opportunity to work with people I would gladly call family. Right now I feel I have the best team ever and am proud to work next to them on a daily basis. 

My job on Day of Caring is not to run a project but to make sure things are going well at all of our projects as well as manage media that shows up on site. This year we were super organized with media and I knew exactly where they were going to show up. To my knowledge no one else…

Throwback Thursday - Making a Difference

After hearing some amazing stories of gratitude on Day of Caring I decided that today I wanted to throwback to a post I wrote thanking the amazing staff and people that were there to support me when Russell was born.

In my Day of Caring post I mentioned being speechless when the Kearns High botany teacher told me that that day was probably the best day in his entire teaching career. I commented that I felt that was rare but I'm sure in some professions it's more common to actually have a lasting life long impact on someone.

In reflecting I also realized that all of us really have the opportunity to make that kind of a mark on the people we come across every day. I realized through all I did on Day of Caring the things that stick out the most were the moments of friendship and kindness that I gave to others or that others gave to me. I don't think you have to literally save a life to really brighten someones day and even if you never know the impact you had I think it's…

Wellness Wednesday - 100 Days of Yoga

Everyone get excited! Now that I'm past the biggest work event of my year I am so happy to get back on track with my personal yoga practice. My goal is to have a daily practice so I can build my strength and flexibility to be prepared for my Yoga Teacher Training next spring. I'm definitely the type of person who needs a little accountability so I'm accepting the 100 Days of Doing Challenge.

I love this challenge because you can pick what you want to do. 100 days of doing something. Trying new recipes, taking pictures, reading books, learning something new, or whatever your heart desires!!! I also love this challenge because my friend Kim is so real about how she's doing and her struggles. I know that committing to anything for 100 days is hard to think about but I love knowing that Kim is willing to share her challenges and let us know that missing a day or two (or a week) is no reason to give up.

Get over to Bookmark To Blog today then make sure you link up when you a…

Motovated Monday - Embrace Your Body

Happy Monday! (Yes, Monday can be a happy day too...) I wanted to share this great piece I saw on the Do You Yoga Facebook page. Lately I've been reading You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and it talks about loving your body and yourself in order to help heal yourself. I know, some of you will think it's a bunch of hippie-affirmation-loving junk but I am being open to different possibilities at this point in my life so I'm giving it a read. I actually started reading it a long time ago on recommendation from my friend Kim but just picked it back up recently. I think it's true that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Anyway, regardless of what you believe about your body and how you can/can't heal yourself I feel this thought is worth considering.

Do you feel you really love your body and yourself? Do you feel it's hard to keep up with society's view of what's "beautiful" and "good" or have you found ways to live for y…

Throwback Thursday - Jam Thumbprints

Well, one might say the blog has taken a holiday turn lately and you may be right. I have been thinking of these cookies lately and judging by the last time I wrote about these the seem to match the holiday season. Let's get baking folks!

Jam Thumbprints

Make some jam now while summer fruit is still in season and you'll thank me when you can make these during the holidays. MMMM!!!

Does anyone else go nuts baking or making homemade treats around the holidays? Some of my favorite memories are of my mom making homemade chocolates or cookies for the neighbors. Now my Mom makes this delish caramel popcorn that is a whole lot easier in bulk but I still LOVE those memories of making holiday treats growing up.

Wellness Wednesday - Snail Mail

Hopefully you caught my last Wellness Wednesday post about my Cell Free Detox. In honor of going back to more traditional ways of communication I wanted to put it out there that it's about time for Christmas card season!Oh yes! Don't deny it. I get we're only in September but if I don't get going now cards won't get out until it's almost Christmas. HA HA HA!!!

It's funny because I never really thought I cared about getting cards but I actually enjoy getting paper mail. (As long as it's not junk mail.) I love getting something in the mail knowing that the sender had to at least take the time to think of you long enough to get your address on an envelope, put a stamp on it, and get it to the mail box. It's so fun to see how your friends families have grown through the years and I am totally the person who keeps my cards year after year.

So, because I have been looking at what design to pick for our families Christmas card this year I wanted to see how…

Motovated Monday - PTSD Project Video

My husband isn't the type to share inspirational quotes or ra-ra type videos so when he said he'd recently seen the most inspiring video ever I had to check it out. As he prefaced it, it's got a military focus but regardless of your thoughts or experience with the military the message is solid.

These are some of the things that spoke to me:
You have to create the perfect time. The perfect opportunity.When you're not pursuing your goal. You are committing spiritual suicide.Make that dream a reality or else you will be working for someone else making their dream a reality.If it was easy, everybody would do it.Start saying yes to your life, your dreams, your unfolding future, your potential...Leave no opportunity behind. I have tremendous respect for the men and women who serve in our military. Who put their lives on the line so that I can pursue my dreams, my hopes, and my vision for the future. The little girl at the end of the video gets me every time. Yes, I've w…

Family Friday - Russell Fun

Today I wanted to share a few fun pictures of Russell. For whatever reason I don't think they ever made it into a blog post on their own so I'm sharing them now.  If I've already shared them on well. Bring on the cuteness!!! :)

Seriously, is anyone ready for Christmas yet? Part of me is enjoying summer and having fun with Russell outside but part of me is ready to bring on fall, cooler weather, sweaters, soups, and preparation for the holidays.

Throwback Thursday - Turkey Noodle Soup

Ah with many cool days feeling like fall lately I found this delightful recipe from back in the day. I LOVE soup during the fall and winter months. They're so easy to make and you can really customize them to fit what you and your family likes. If you're feeling the fall weather I highly recommend whipping up a batch of Turkey Noodle Soup. YUM!

What are your favorite fall recipes? If you have a family favorite you'd like to share feel free to post a link in the comments. I'm always looking for new recipes to try.

Wellness Wednesday - Cell Free Detox

For the last little while I've been in an accidental technology detox. There was a day I came home exhausted, dehydrated, and clearly distracted when I tossed my laundry into the wash before realizing my phone was in my pocket. Yep. By the time I remembered where the phone was it was too late. We tried different things to dry out my phone but without any luck.

We decided with the imminent launch of the new iPhone why not just hold out until that comes out. I might have opted to completely wait to get a phone but being in the midst of the busiest time of the year for my job I had to have something. That something is a lovely burn phone that costs us under $30 total. It's far from glamorous and really something I'll use for emergency and to communicate with a few select people at work to ensure we can get our jobs done.

As I've been without a phone I've thought about this video I saw on my friend Amy's blog.

I didn't realize until being forced to not have a …

Motovated Monday - Life

I have always loved creating things from scratch. Whether it was a card, a scrapbook, a cross stitch project, or something else crafty it's something I've always enjoyed. Even now I love baking and cooking recipes that I make up as I go along. I felt this quote was worth sharing this week.

What are you spending your life doing? If you knew you wouldn't fail, what would you pursue? Share your thoughts in the comments.