Wellness Wednesday - Celebrating Russell

This past weekend has been exciting as it was Russell's birthday! We had Joe's parents in town and it was fun to have them share in his celebration.

Russell got a cute pretend fishing set. One day Daddy and Russell will go fishing for real.
Russell also got a cute bike from my Aunt. He LOVES it already.

I think with birthdays it's easy to be reminded of all the things you want to write down, scrapbook, or otherwise make sure you capture it so you don't forget. After his family birthday celebration I felt inspired to write down some thoughts about Russell from this past year. The funny thing I found was that I had done that after his two year check up last year.

I know I could beat myself up for not having some cute scrapbook or wonderful template where I fill in the same blanks about him from year to year but I figure a few notes in a journal he can look at later work for me. Hey, more power to the folks out there who have time to go all out. Everyone's got to have a hobby and as much as I love that it's not what I'm choosing to fill my time with at this point. Maybe one day I'll scrapbook everything since I do own the supplies and have thousands of pictures of Russell. HA HA HA!

I love this little guy!!!
I got this journal from a dear friend of mine and I absolutely love it. It's where I write all my goals/hopes/dreams and memories about Russell and our family.
Thoughts about Russell from his 2 year check up. Some facts and some things about his likes.
This year I chose to jot down nicknames, his favorite shows, his favorite activities, words he can say, and his favorite foods. I think these things will be interesting to see as he grows up and changes.
Russell has some great things coming up in the next year. He will start preschool with other kids who have similar speech delays. We had his first IEP (Individualized Education Program) and we feel his class will be a good fit for him. I'm also hoping it will help him get ready for kindergarten so that it won't be as hard to transition once he's going to school more often. Overall he adjusts well to these classes so I think it's good for him.

At some point we'll get serious about potty training (he doesn't show a ton of interest at this point and can't speak well enough to consistently communicate his needs) and we're focusing on saving money to buy a house. I'm taking steps now to get familiar with the market in the area we want to buy and we're starting to flesh out the must haves vs. the needs and wants for a house. We completely understand that there is a difference between stuff that will be non-negotiable for us vs things that we would like but could wait on if they weren't there in an otherwise great house. Plus watching enough home shows I know the layout and "bones" of the house are far more important than anything cosmetic. With enough time, money, and work you can fix most things in a house but you can't really change the property or layout of the home.

We'll of course be focusing on helping Russell with his speech. I'm also hoping to find more activities we can do with him to help him learn new things and hopefully we can work in ways for him to play with other kids too. Overall we're excited for how far Russell has come and where he is going.

How do you capture memories about your kids? Are you the scrapbook master or do you toss everything into a box to do something with later? What are your thoughts about kid art? I have heard some people keep it all and others take photos and toss the original as new art comes in. I'm not sure which way I'll go yet.


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