Family Friday - Happy Birthday Russell

Oh my goodness. My little Russell man is 3! It's hard to believe that three years have gone by since we walked through the uncertainty of his birth experience, watched him grow up hoping he'd be ok, and now seeing just how far he's come. It's amazing to me how much he's learning and growing every day. I wanted to share a few fun pictures from his birthday weekend.

Russell LOVES to swing and play in the park. When it's your birthday we'll "go outside", as he loves to say.
Simple hanging balloons and we're ready to party!
Only a grandma can let you stab your birthday cake before the guests arrive. :)
So glad my long time friend Tiffany brought her kids over to play!
The splash pad was back in action so we let Russell play and have fun.
Russell loves to step on the spots where the water comes out of the ground.
We are so blessed that this sweet little guy is doing so well. He's such a happy and positive light in our lives and I couldn't imagine a day without him. He makes us so happy and yes we do have bad days. There are times when we are tired, when he throws a tantrum in the store, or he just doesn't seem to want to do more than whine and scream but that's ok. I always try to remind myself that he is a kid and that kids don't know how to express themselves so sometimes they get mad or sad or fussy. I think it's easy to have expectations that kids will behave like mini adults but I know plenty of adults that can be just as bad as small children so I try to remember it's ok if he's not always smiling and happy all the time. I want him to know it's ok to experience and express a full range of emotions and that mom and dad will be there for him to support him and help him through it.

So, happy birthday little man! You are a wonderful blessing in our lives and we love you oh so very much! I hope he had nothing but a fun filled birthday weekend.

What do you do to celebrate your kids birthdays? Are you the parent that throws big themed parties with planned activities and coordinated decor? Do you prefer to take your kids to places that put on the party so all you have to do is show up and let the kids loose? Share your birthday tips and tricks. I'm always looking for new ideas.


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