Family Friday - Getting in Shape

I tend to tease my husband that I want to get in shape. A shape that isn't ROUND. HA HA HA! I know I'm not someone most people would consider really overweight but for me and for what the scale says I am. Actually if you do a BMI check based on my weight and height I fall into the "overweight" category. See for yourself:

BOO! For real? Overweight! BLAH!!!
Now I know, one could argue that I'm not THAT far into the overweight category but that's not going to get me healthy again. I can tell for my body that things aren't right. I don't feel like I used to, I can't do as much as I have before, and I feel I get sick with mystery symptoms all the time. You know, those times when something hurts, itches, aches, or whatever but it's never consistent, isn't tied to any foods or drinks, and you can't ever duplicate it when you're finally in the doctors office. Yeah... Those mystery symptoms. I also know you could argue that I'm getting older and as you get older things change but if that's the case I'm changing for the worst and I don't want to be the person who hits 45 and can't make it across a flat parking lot without getting winded and sweating like I'd just ran a marathon.

It's HERE and I'm so excited to try PiYo!!!
So, I've finally decided the time is now to be accountable and get myself into shape. I can't take being so tired every day just from working. I don't even work a physically strenuous job so there is no excuse for me coming home and wanting to go straight to bed at 7 p.m.. I have realized that the most important reason for me to get in shape is for Russell and Joe. I want to be there for them for a long time and being the best and healthiest I can is one thing I can control.

Post Define: Upper Body workout. You can't tell but I sweat my butt off.
So in case you're interested, what I'm doing is PiYo. If you read my Wellness Wednesday post you saw the video and why I'm giving this a shot. So far I've done the Align: Fundamentals, Define: Lower Body, Define: Upper Body, and Buns workouts. They have all been amazing. I haven't sweat so much doing a workout in forever. They move fast but then they're done and I can move on with my day. I love the combo of pilates and yoga along with easy strength moves I can do without having to have a bunch of equipment in my home. Even having bad knees and crappy ankles I'm able to do these workouts. They show modifications that make it so as I'm starting I can do what I can and work to do the advanced moves later.

Post Buns workout. Yep, sweaty selfies are all the rage now! HA HA HA!
As you've seen through this post I've shared a few pics and look forward to sharing more about my progress. If you're interested in giving this a try and having some amazing support please let me know. My Beachbody coach is awesome and can get you connected to this program and our Facebook support group. I feel it's a great investment in myself and it's definitely already worth the money we've spent.

Making healthy choices matter. Big or small it adds up.
How do you stay fit as a parent? Is your family active or do you use other ways to stay in shape while having fun? How do you find time to workout during the day? Share your experiences or ideas in the comments!


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