Family Friday - Family Photos

For Russell's third birthday we decided we would take some family photos. Joe's parents were in town to celebrate with us and I thought it would be great to capture some pictures of both grandparents with Russell while we could. Of course you always hope people will live a really long time but too many recent events have led me to not put off the things that are important and I wanted to make sure that we could capture this fun moment in time.

I happen to have a wonderfully talented friend, Amy, who was willing to come out after a long day at work and help us capture some pictures of our family together. I actually hired Amy to work with me and it was one of those hires that from moment one I was completely confident that she was a good choice and would do a wonderful job. She's always been willing to do what it takes and has been so supportive of me which I've loved.

There was a funny moment during our photo shoot when poor Russell was staring up at the moon and he fell right back into his little pool. He was ok, though probably startled, but he started to get really sad when everyone was laughing at the whole situation.

I also want to share this picture because even Jared came out to be in the picture. I'm so happy that we caught a good photo of all of us together.

Russell is such a good little guy. The curious look on his face is one we see quite often as he explores his world. He's going to be starting preschool soon which is an exciting opportunity for us. I'm hoping he'll learn to interact with other kids his age and hopefully the experience will help him continue to develop his speech skills that his therapists started with us in our home.

I'm so excited to go through all our pictures and figure out which one will make the cut for our Christmas card. Usually I'm so far behind that our card ends up being a last minute endeavor but hopefully this year with these amazing photos in hand we'll be able to get something nice put together.

If you're looking for an amazing photographer and you're in the Salt Lake Valley (or surrounding area) I'm happy to connect you. Amy did a wonderful job capturing our family and I'm so excited that we got to share this time together. You can also check out her blog at to see other examples of her amazing work.

Is there something you've been wanting to do but have been putting off? How do you prioritize your time and energy to do the things that mean the most to you? I highly recommend not putting of the important things in life because you just don't know when things will change and you'll have wished you'd done something sooner. Tell people you love them, give someone a hug, or just get out there and be your true and authentic self. You deserve that.


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