Wellness Wednesday - PiYo

WOO! Another video this week! Today I wanted to share a video of the new program I'm going to try out. A friend of mine has recently become a Beachbody coach and she messaged me about a new program that's available through the same company that created P90X and INSANITY. I'd heard about these programs before and have seen how great people can look if they stick to the programs but I have had bad knees and ankles for a long time so the high intensity programs like P90X had no appeal to me because I knew I'd drop out quickly and never finish them. When I heard their new program was a combination of Pilates and yoga and that it was low impact I was intrigued so I looked around and found this video.

Oh yeah! I talked it over with Joe going back and forth if I wanted to spend the money but in reality it wasn't that much ($60) and I'd have a friend who is a coach to work with as well as a private Facebook group to go to for motivation, ideas, and encouragement. I've loved the yoga classes I've been doing with Blue Panda Yoga so this would give me a way to work out in between the in person classes and hopefully help me get and stay in shape. I also have a local friend who is trying this program out too so I figured we could check in with each other so we can stay accountable.

Right now I'm just waiting for the program to get here but soon I'll be burning it up and we'll see what kind of results I can get. Wish me luck!

Have you done any Beachbody programs? Do you like to work out at home or do you prefer going to a gym or taking classes in person? What do you do to stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals? Share any secrets you have to staying accountable in the comments.


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