Wellness Wednesday - Kombucha

Today I wanted to share this delightful, wonderful, and locally made drink. Kombucha! This one was picked up at our Downtown Farmers Market from Mamachari Kombucha. You can buy it by the cup, the mason jar, or even by the growler full. It's so refreshing on a hot summers day and, as you all know, I love supporting local businesses. If you don't know what in the world kombucha is the information below from Mamachari will help answer your questions.
What exactly is kombucha?
All kombucha is a lightly fermented tea with probiotic qualities. Think, yogurt without the dairy. For people with dairy allergies or an aversion to dairy products, kombucha is a great way to keep the 'good bacteria' balanced in your GI tract.

What kind of health benefits does kombucha have?
Although the FDA has not done extensive testing on kombucha, and we won't make any outrageous health claims, most people who drink kombucha report healthier feeling GI tracts, less sugar cravings, less caffeine cravings, clearer skin, and better overall health. What contributes to this? Kombucha contains acetic acid (a mild antibacterial), gluconic acid (a mild detoxifier), lactic acid, malic acid (what gives kombucha that slightly sour taste), amino acids, and various probiotic strains. This organic acids are essential in keeping your body balanced and in good health.

When should I drink kombucha?
Whenever you want! Kombucha is a great way to start your morning and wake your body up before you eat breakfast. You can also eat it with lunch, dinner, or as a hydrating drink on a hot summers day. Kombucha also makes a great recovery drink after a long bike ride, run, or workout. We recommend drinking 4-24oz of kombucha a day, depending on how your body feels.

Mamachari Kombucha is vegan, gluten free, corn free, and nut free. 
I always recommend shopping local when you can. It supports your own local economy and helps the amazing people who are brave enough to follow their dreams and share their hearts with you. Especially in the summer you can find amazing treats, fresh produce, and locally made crafts at your local farmers market. Get the best food you can for your family by buying something that was grown locally!

If you don't have a farmers market try and see if you have some sort of CSA or other program that lets you buy a share in a basket of produce/foods. One that we have tried is Bountiful Baskets but I know there are others just like it across the country. Another local option we have is through the Wasatch Front Farmers Market where you can pick up your basket in the store during the week. You don't have to order it in advance so you can pick the ones you like and skip the ones you don't. It's always a great adventure!

Have you tried kombucha? Do you have other foods you eat to help your gut functioning and healthy? Share your digestive health tips in the comments below. If you know of other options to get fresh produce feel free to share them too!


  1. We get a produce delivery every week and I ALWAYS order myself a kombucha (or 3) as my "treat". They are pricey (like $3.50/bottle) but I feel like I just have one a couple of times a week with dinner like many people have a nice beer with dinner. That's how I justify the cost anyway. ha! But, I do love them. My fave for the past few months has been Cherry Blossom kombucha from Capitol Kombucha.

    1. That's awesome! It's about the same cost for us too depending on where and what we get but I'm with you. I don't have a beer or glass of wine with dinner so kombucha is a great substitute. :) Cherry Blossom sounds awesome. I definitely want to try some of their other flavors and see if I have a favorite.


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