Family Friday - Happy Late Birthday Joe

Yep, it's well past Joe's birthday (June 30) but I wanted to share some fun family photos from our celebration. We kept things pretty low key celebrating with my family and having a fun dinner at home the weekend after his birthday. Check it out!

Russel practiced looking at his flash cards with Grandma.
Joe, my Dad, and I split a few sushi rolls.
For a moment I think Russell thought the ice cream cake was for him.
For our special dinner we went all out for cheese fondue!
Shabu shabu and cheese fondue by request. So much fun to interact with your food!
What do you like to do to celebrate your birthday? Are you a big party person or do you prefer a low key celebration? Share your favorite birthday story.


  1. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Looks like a fun night!


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