Wellness Wednesday - Shop Local

Hey friends! In an effort to promote some local businesses that we love and adore I bring you some links to the places you are going to want to check out. Some of them we're meeting at the Wasatch Front Farmers Market and others we've randomly found along the way. Seriously give these folks some love by following, liking, or connecting to their blogs or websites. You won't regret it!

Find more great local businesses at http://www.localfirst.org/
The Coffee Shop - Yep, good coffee in the southwest end of town does exist! I get my lattes with halfcaf or decaf and they are delightful! (Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Laziz Foods - Hummus and other delightful Middle Eastern Spreads await you at the farmers market or at Harmons. Be sure to stop by and try their options out. You won't regret it. (Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Oasis Cafe - Not much for social media but it is a MUST if you're looking for the most delightful breakfast, lunch, or dinner options in SLC. This is the place I suggest when someone wants to meet downtown to eat. I have not been disappointed with anything on the menu. Quick note, brunch can get PACKED on the weekends so make reservations or come early. Also, depending on your server, some of them can be REALLY slow. Super nice, but slow. Either way it's worth checking out along with the adjacent bookstore the Golden Braid. (Website)

Bake 360 - Just discovered this delightful place at the Farmers Market and found they are actually located in Draper. This is fabulous because we're always looking for something unique and delightful on our end of town. I can't wait to check out their shop and see what other delights they have. The couple of pastries we tried were wonderful! (Facebook)

What are your favorite local places? Do you make an effort to support local businesses? Is there a local business you wish your area had? If you're in UT be sure to share your favorite spots! We're always looking for new places to try.


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