Saturday's Supper - Wasabi Sushi

MMMM... Sushi... Seriously, sushi may be one of my favorite things to eat. If given the choice I'd probably pick sushi over most other options. Granted, sometimes you get a craving for some yummy Mexican food or some tasty pizza but I LOVE sushi!

Joe and I have tried a variety of places from the high end 'make it your once a year anniversary special' to the all you can eat for one low price places. From all the places we've tried our staple place is Wasabi. It's located in Draper so it's not far from home and if we go between the peak hours it's usually quiet enough to bring Russell.

Russell actually really likes the pot stickers and we get the Pepper Jack (a jalapeno pepper stuffed with cream cheese and spicy tuna) to start.

The ladies there are always so nice and they tend to love Russell so it's always fun. We've gone there alone, with Russell, and with friends and it's always been a good time. The prices are reasonable and if you go on Tuesday or Wednesday nights you can get 50% off selected rolls. There's a good amount of 50% off rolls so don't think you'll get stuck with a California Roll and one other choice. You can of course order off the regular menu so the time we went during the special we got a little of both.

Normally when we hit Wasabi we end up with something like this. A variety of rolls with different fillings and toppings. This time there was clearly an abundance of tempura flakes but most of the time we try to get a better balance of options.

Overall things have always been good there and we've never left feeling like we wasted our money. I highly recommend checking them out if you're in the south end of the valley and looking for a good and reasonably priced sushi place. They're right in the shopping center just east of the freeway on 12600 So. behind the Applebees.

What is your favorite sushi place? We're always willing to try new places as long as they're affordable and good! Our favorite high end place is Takashi in downtown SLC.


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