Motovated Monday - HOTlanta

Welcome to another Motovated Monday! I wanted to share a few pictures from my trip to Atlanta. It was hot and humid but it was a great time. I learned a bunch at the conference and had fun traveling with my co-worker and friend Amy. Check it out.

My view from our house when I left for the airport.

Our hotel had a beautiful view of downtown and the Olympic park area.

I love panoramic pictures! Holla from the 28th floor!

It's a WHALE SHARK! Not a whale or a shark but the largest fish in the sea!

This is what we missed while I was in HOTlanta. SNOW!

Coming home was a little crazy with the weather but we still made it.
The big takeaway I took from this trip personally was how much being with my family means to me. I had a lot of fun but I realize when I'm out and about I wish Joe was here to show him cool things I know he'd like and I wish Russell was around because I know he'd have fun.

As you work to stay Motovated this week I encourage you think about what means the most to you and what are you doing to get more of that. We only have one life to live (unless maybe reincarnation is true) so what are you doing to make this life the best one possible. That doesn't mean keeping up with the Jones' (whoever they really are) but finding what makes YOU happy and what brings YOU joy in this life. Think about what your dream really is and let's work to make that dream a reality!


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