Wellness Wednesday - Yoga Teacher Training

Lately I've been looking into doing Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). Partially because I think it would be fun to teach yoga as a way to earn a little side money and because I think yoga is a great way to stay in shape and find balance. I'm not sure that anyone out there will have done this before but if you have I'm currently looking into four studios:

They are just listed in alphabetical order because at this point I haven't actually been to any of the studios so I'm not sure if one will speak to me more than another. I am planning on finding time to take a few classes from some of the teachers at these studios that provide the YTT courses to see if I like them.

I currently take yoga classes from my dear friend Tara of Blue Panda Yoga. If you want to know more about my experiences with Tara you can check out this post I did a while back. She took her YTT at Bodhi Yoga which is the only reason I'm considering a studio that far away (down in Provo). The other three studios are in Salt Lake, two being really close to work and the other between work and home. The one thing I like about Bodhi Yoga so far is the scheduling (I wouldn't have to take a ton of time off work just part of the day on one Friday a month) and the fact I like how Tara teaches so I would assume I would like their style there too.

Anyway, if you've done YTT or practiced at any of these studios let me know what you think. I always appreciate feedback from others about their experiences and take those things into account. I think in the end I'll need to make a list of the things I'm looking for and eliminate from there. I am pretty sure there are two that realistically wouldn't work with my current work schedule but we'll have to see. YTT is, for me, a substantial investment at $2,100-2,700 so it's not something I want to jump into without really looking at my options but I know it's something I'll do one day so why not sooner rather than later. :)

Have you ever considered getting certified in your favorite workout? Do you know anyone who's done YTT? What do you look for in a fitness class? Do you have any favorite types of workouts you enjoy?


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