Saturday's Supper - Savory & Sweet Review

Oh you guys. Every now and again you find a place that is such a little gem that you wish it were closer so you could eat there more often. Then again you know you'd also go broke if the place was closer so as you leave you plan your next visit. Joe and I have found such a place in Utah County. Yep, our voyage past the point of the mountain took us to Savory & Sweet. It's a darling little place in Orem that is family owned and has delightful food.

If you want to know more be sure to check out my Yelp review. Support a local business folks! If not, we'll all have to suffer in a world of only chain restaurants and no one should want that. For right now, check out these delightful pictures from our adventure.

Cutest Joe and cutest tea set.
Russell watching his Little Einstein's while we waited for our food. Don't judge. It keeps him quiet and happy. :P
Mixed Berries & Chocolate Whipped Cream - Joe took a bite before taking the picture.
Thai Curry Crepe - P.S. it's not spicy. If you want spicy, I would specify that.
Single Waffle with Strawberries - Russ couldn't wait for me to take the picture.

Do you have any favorite places that you might not have tried if someone didn't recommend them? Are there any local gems in your neighborhood that you just can't get enough of? What is your families favorite place to go out to eat?


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