Family Friday - A Visit From the In-Laws

Last week we had my in-laws in town to celebrate our 4th anniversary. I don't know about your in-laws, but mine are actually pretty cool. Joe's mom and dad are very low key and just enjoy spending time with us.

One of the activities we did while they were here is visit a park that's close to our house. Russell LOVES being outside and playing so it was nice to let him spend some time outside with the family. He ran around, enjoyed some time on the swing, and even went down the slide all on his own!

After a nap (for Russell and Joe's Dad) we went up to the Natural Museum of Utah. Russell actually did really well which was great. He spent some time riding in his stroller and other times running around and playing with the exhibits for kids. I was glad it was a nice day out because Russell needed a snack, and since you can't eat in the museum, we went to the terrace and let him have some crackers before heading out. It wasn't too hazy so Joe's parents got to see the view across town.

While they were here Joe also took his Mom to a couple of movies and they all went and enjoyed Scheels and Cabelas. We need Joe's parents out here more often so Joe can watch more movies with his Mom. When we lived in Vegas they were movie buddies because I don't really care to see many movies. Now that we're here in UT Joe doesn't see too many movies. (Sorry Joe.) Joe's Dad also loves outdoor stuff like camping, hunting, and fishing so I know it will be fun as Russell grows up for them to all go out on trips together.

We did spend a little time at my parents house while Russell ran round in the backyard and then it was back home to Vegas they went. Their trips always seem to go so fast but when everyone has to work it happens. Hopefully one day they can come up and spend a serious chunk of time with us exploring all the fun things UT has to offer. 

What do visits with your in-laws look like? Do you plan the whole itinerary or do they come with a list of things they want to do? What are your secrets for making sure everyone has a fun time without breaking the bank or going nuts?


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