Family Friday - Making Waves

This past weekend my husband and I went out to celebrate our anniversary. We did have fun while his parents were in town but we take turns each year planning something special for each other and this year it was my turn. I decided we would go to a restaurant I tried with friends, Red Rock, because I thought Joe would enjoy the food and he does like a good beer.

I had fish and Joe had steak. We also had to sample some of their desserts. The crème brûlée was delish and we really liked their peach cobbler. YUM! I'd totally go back and just enjoy some desert.

As part of my planning I decided we would try something new. We went to The Paint Mixer and tried our hand at painting some waves. Now, you may have seen my first attempt at painting with Starry Night and that actually seemed somewhat easy. This one was a little harder but still a great time.

Joe has always been somewhat artistic so I thought this would be a fun activity we could enjoy together. Before we even started he was already pointing out other pictures he thought would be fun to try. It was so fun to see our paintings take shape as the class went along. I especially love the comet that Joe put in his painting.

In the end I love how my moon turned out and I love Joe's wave. I think my wave kind of looks like a sharks fin but I still think it's cool. We already have plans to hang these up in our house and can't wait to paint more fun art for our home.

If you haven't tried something like this you should. Seriously I am not an artistic type. I am crafty, yes, artistic, no. They make it super easy and everyone's painting looks different which is great. My friends and I are going on Friday, May 9th to celebrate a friends birthday by painting Jellyfish. If you want to join us use this link so you can be sure to be sat with us when you arrive. Mature kids are welcome too if you want to bring the family. They do have specific classes for families as well as kid only classes too. It's a great date night too and they do sell snacks and drinks (both alcoholic and non) if you want.

Have you ever done anything that revealed a hidden talent or a new hobby? Have you ever taken a painting class like this anywhere in Utah? I'm looking for other ways to learn more about painting though I do like that these classes don't require you to own any supplies.


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