Family Friday - Easter Recap

Hi everyone! I hope that if you celebrate Easter or not that you had a good weekend. We have started to participate in a neighborhood Easter egg hunt that takes place in my parents neighborhood every year. Each participant has to provide four colored hard boiled eggs and four "prize" eggs. The prize eggs are those typical plastic eggs you see everywhere around Easter and for the hunt you're expected to fill them with things like chocolates, toys, or money.

Playing with his "practice" eggs so he'd know what to look for during the Easter egg hunt.
Last year when we participated Russell was far more interested in just picking up sticks and walking around outside. This year he has learned to say egg and knows what they are so we had high hopes he'd actually pick up a few. We also got him an Easter basket early and let him play with it for a few days so he could get used to the idea of putting eggs in the basket. He is so cute because we gave him some plastic eggs to play with and he likes to say "crack" when he breaks the eggs open.

We had to play in Grandma's beautiful backyard for a bit before going over to hunt for eggs.
Saturday couldn't have been a more beautiful day for an egg hunt. The kids and parents were gathering and cell phones and cameras were set to take dozens of pictures and videos. 10:00 a.m. hit and the hunt was on! In the 0-3 yard where Russell was able to hunt the eggs were all over the ground with a few hidden on top off short bushes and on the porch. Russell quickly picked up a few eggs and put them in his basket. There was only one time where he picked up another egg in front of another little girl but he had been standing by it for a minute and just finally decided to pick it up. Luckily I don't think the little girl even cared and there were plenty of eggs for everyone.

Russell was ready this year. He found all the eggs he was supposed to and mostly stayed attentive to what we were doing.
We took a few minutes to sit in the lawn and let Russell explore his treasures. We actually ended up picking two of the eggs that we had provided for the hunt which was fine because at least we knew we were getting good candy. HA HA HA!

The best part! Checking out the prizes you found!
Overall this year's Easter egg hunt was a big success and we enjoyed the time spent with Russell. It will be interesting to see what happens next year when he's even more aware of what's going on.

What did you do for Easter this year? Are there any fun things you have done in the past with a 2-3 year old? What about fun activities for a 3-4 year old? I know I'll be looking for even more fun things to do next year.


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