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Wellness Wednesday - Blueberry-Orange Muffin Cake

Ok, I know... Normally a recipe would show up under the Saturday's Supper feature but I had to share this as part of Wellness Wednesday because it is delightfully delish AND has Wild Orange essential oil in it. Yeah, I'd like to think it's practically good for you! It's not really sweet at all which is great because I can have it for breakfast or if I want a little something after dinner it's enough to satisfy my sweet tooth without being a blood sugar spiking, high fat, and high calorie diet disaster. You can taste the citrus notes along with the cinnamon and coconut.

This recipe actually came out of the Spring 2014 issue of doTERRA Living Magazine (page 21-22 if you're interested in checking out the Essential Tea Time spread). I saw the recipe and knew I had to try it when it said "great for a brunch or as a dessert". In my world that means I have an excuse to eat it at least twice a day which is fabulous!

I actually made mine with dried blueberrie…

Family Friday - Easter Recap

Hi everyone! I hope that if you celebrate Easter or not that you had a good weekend. We have started to participate in a neighborhood Easter egg hunt that takes place in my parents neighborhood every year. Each participant has to provide four colored hard boiled eggs and four "prize" eggs. The prize eggs are those typical plastic eggs you see everywhere around Easter and for the hunt you're expected to fill them with things like chocolates, toys, or money.

Last year when we participated Russell was far more interested in just picking up sticks and walking around outside. This year he has learned to say egg and knows what they are so we had high hopes he'd actually pick up a few. We also got him an Easter basket early and let him play with it for a few days so he could get used to the idea of putting eggs in the basket. He is so cute because we gave him some plastic eggs to play with and he likes to say "crack" when he breaks the eggs open.

Saturday couldn&#…

Wellness Wednesday - Be Prepared

This past week my work participated in the Great Utah Shakeout and though we joked, laughed, and snapped photos throughout the process it was a good reminder that we do live in an earthquake zone and really should be mindful about personal preparedness.

It's kind of funny because one of my co-workers has decided my nickname is "EverReady". Kind of like the battery and people who are really ready for most every scenario. I do tend to think worst case scenario about most everything in my life which can be very gloom and doom but it can also be really helpful when there is an emergency or something doesn't go quite as planned.

I like to think that it's not all gloom and doom but more learning from my mistakes and becoming more and more prepared for all that life throws at me. Becoming a Mom definitely supported my sense of preparedness because now I really feel I need to bring all sorts of things along with me "just in case". Moms, you know what I'm sa…

Saturday's Supper - Sunday Brunch

It's another review day. We haven't done a lot of out of the box cooking lately so I wanted to share another review of The Egg & I that just opened here in South Jordan. Joe and I have eaten at one in Vegas before and I know they have a couple other locations in Utah but we are always on the search for breakfast on our end of town. We have found quite a few amazing places in the downtown and sugarhouse area but for us to pack up Russell and make the trek takes serious commitment which sometimes I just don't feel like doing on the weekend.

So far we are loving The Egg & I because the food is good, portions are reasonable, and it's not expensive. Plus we can eat in or get it to go and the food has been good either way. For me, I love that they have a list of Eggs Benedict options I can choose from and if you check out my review you'll learn about two that I've had and loved.

Yep, breakfast is amazing! Especially when you don't have to cook. If you'…

Saturday's Supper - Savory & Sweet Review

Oh you guys. Every now and again you find a place that is such a little gem that you wish it were closer so you could eat there more often. Then again you know you'd also go broke if the place was closer so as you leave you plan your next visit. Joe and I have found such a place in Utah County. Yep, our voyage past the point of the mountain took us to Savory & Sweet. It's a darling little place in Orem that is family owned and has delightful food.

If you want to know more be sure to check out my Yelp review. Support a local business folks! If not, we'll all have to suffer in a world of only chain restaurants and no one should want that. For right now, check out these delightful pictures from our adventure.

Do you have any favorite places that you might not have tried if someone didn't recommend them? Are there any local gems in your neighborhood that you just can't get enough of? What is your families favorite place to go out to eat?

Family Friday - Making Waves

This past weekend my husband and I went out to celebrate our anniversary. We did have fun while his parents were in town but we take turns each year planning something special for each other and this year it was my turn. I decided we would go to a restaurant I tried with friends, Red Rock, because I thought Joe would enjoy the food and he does like a good beer.

I had fish and Joe had steak. We also had to sample some of their desserts. The crème brûlée was delish and we really liked their peach cobbler. YUM! I'd totally go back and just enjoy some desert.

As part of my planning I decided we would try something new. We went to The Paint Mixer and tried our hand at painting some waves. Now, you may have seen my first attempt at painting with Starry Night and that actually seemed somewhat easy. This one was a little harder but still a great time.

Joe has always been somewhat artistic so I thought this would be a fun activity we could enjoy together. Before we even started he was alre…

Wellness Wednesday - Need Fresh Air!!!

Is anyone else out there ready for spring? I typically like winter because I run hot and enjoy not being a sweaty hot mess all the time but this year I am cheering on spring. The few days we've had where the weather was nice enough to bust out the shorts and t-shirts have left me longing for more of those days. Honestly I would LOVE a nice long spring, a short summer, long fall, and short winter. Where can I find this type of weather that won't cost me an arm and a leg? If you find a place like that let me know because I might have to retire there. HA HA HA!!!

Today's wellness tip is inspired by our son Russell. GET OUTSIDE! Russell LOVES to be outside no matter what the conditions. Even if the weather doesn't look the best or it's a little chilly/windy, I highly recommend bundling up and getting outside. Get some fresh air. Breathe deep. Listen to the sounds around you. Breathe deeply again. Take time to smell the roses, or the other pretty flowers, though watch f…

Slim & Sassy Sunday - The Real Truth

Hello Slim & Sassy followers. I haven't updated about where I am on my weight loss journey for a while because I haven't had anything to update. Honestly it seems like no matter what I eat I remain about the same weight. Perhaps this is my body's way of telling me it's happy at this weight and changing it up or down is going to take a serious effort on my part.

I guess I should consider myself lucky that I haven't gained any more weight but it is a little annoying to see that it would take some serious work on my part if I ever want to get to the weight I think I should be at. Now, don't get me wrong, I get it. Weight loss, for most people, isn't easy. If I had a nanny and a house keeper and all I did was go to work and work out then maybe I too would have shed the baby weight super fast. Since that's not my reality it really does take a higher level of dedication than I've been willing to spend to lose weight.

I honestly think my problem is con…

Saturday's Supper - Easy Breakfast Casserole

Sometimes cooking can be a drag. I get it. You don't always want to spend the time slaving over a hot stove to make the same old thing again. Well, I have decided I am the queen of the fridge clean out. I can turn all the random pieces of stuff in our fridge into something tasty and totally different. On Sunday we usually make breakfast at home and after browsing Pinterest for some inspiration I decided I was making a breakfast casserole.

The original recipes I looked at were paleo and I was looking for something gluten free because I've been eating a lot of cookies and bread lately. The result, based on what we had hanging around, was this delightful and easy dish.

Easy Breakfast Casserole

by Heather MacDonald

1 large sweet potato - peeled and shredded
2 brats - diced
1/4 c bacon - pre-cooked
1 green bell pepper - diced
2 Tbsp green onion - minced
8 eggs - scrambled
1 c shredded cheese

Prep all your ingredients by slicing and dicing them all into bite sized pieces. I greased …

Family Friday - A Visit From the In-Laws

Last week we had my in-laws in town to celebrate our 4th anniversary. I don't know about your in-laws, but mine are actually pretty cool. Joe's mom and dad are very low key and just enjoy spending time with us.

One of the activities we did while they were here is visit a park that's close to our house. Russell LOVES being outside and playing so it was nice to let him spend some time outside with the family. He ran around, enjoyed some time on the swing, and even went down the slide all on his own!

After a nap (for Russell and Joe's Dad) we went up to the Natural Museum of Utah. Russell actually did really well which was great. He spent some time riding in his stroller and other times running around and playing with the exhibits for kids. I was glad it was a nice day out because Russell needed a snack, and since you can't eat in the museum, we went to the terrace and let him have some crackers before heading out. It wasn't too hazy so Joe's parents got to se…

Wellness Wednesday - Yoga Teacher Training

Lately I've been looking into doing Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). Partially because I think it would be fun to teach yoga as a way to earn a little side money and because I think yoga is a great way to stay in shape and find balance. I'm not sure that anyone out there will have done this before but if you have I'm currently looking into four studios:

Bodhi Yoga
Centered City Yoga
Mindful & Embodied
We Are Yoga SLC
They are just listed in alphabetical order because at this point I haven't actually been to any of the studios so I'm not sure if one will speak to me more than another. I am planning on finding time to take a few classes from some of the teachers at these studios that provide the YTT courses to see if I like them.

I currently take yoga classes from my dear friend Tara of Blue Panda Yoga. If you want to know more about my experiences with Tara you can check out this post I did a while back. She took her YTT at Bodhi Yoga which is the only reason I'm co…