Wellness Wednesday - Asian Love

Oh yea! This past week my happy place was a trip to Ocean Mart. That place caries a ton of foods and products from all over. Sometimes you can't even read what something is and sometimes products have some English translations on them. This week we went in search of a type of instant coffee one of my co-workers shared with me. It was this packet of Thai coffee that you'd just add water and it had the coffee, cream, and sugar in it. I thought it was a great idea to keep in my desk so we went looking. I couldn't find the same brand but I did find another one to try.

I actually mixed up some on Sunday and really enjoyed it. I'll definitely be keeping it in my desk for afternoon pick me ups when I'm feeling the need for some delightful coffee. At work I do tend to alternate between water, tea, and coffee because I don't want to overdo it on caffeine but I do enjoy a treat every now and again.

The other thing we got while we were there was a boba slush. Just google boba or bubble tea and you'll find a ton of pictures of what it is. We don't get them that often because it's a ton of sugar but as an occasional treat it's kind of fun. If you're wondering what "occasional" means to me I think the last time we got one was around Christmas time. There was a time we'd go get one every weekend but with so much sugar we cut back. Now we get one every few months, if that. Moderation folks! Unless you have a medical need to completely eliminate something from your diet you can still have your favorite treats. Just in small portions and not all the time. Or if you're brave you can look up ways to make your favorite treats in a light/low fat, low/no carb, vegetarian/vegan, low/no sugar, or other modified way.

I picked up this box at Harmon's though you can get them at most Asian markets or specialty food stores.

This week I also enjoyed some mochi ice cream. Again, one of those things I don't have often but as an occasional treat it's good. Plus they come basically portioned out so if you just have one it's not that bad. I typically find if I want something sweet I really just want a few bites of something so these delightful little things are great for me. I've actually made mochi from scratch before and it's pretty easy and fun but one can really only eat so much mochi so unless I had a plan to share I probably won't try that again soon.

Chocolate ice cream wrapped in chewy yummy mochi, YES PLEASE!

I just wanted to share these fun things from this week. I actually have a goal to gain a beginner competency in a foreign language and when I heard some people talking at Ocean Mart it got me thinking about learning Japanese. I know it's probably not as useful as Spanish but I really do have a desire to learn more about my culture and where my ancestors came from. If anyone knows Japanese let me know. I am sure it would be easier to learn a language like that with people to practice on.

What do you know about your heritage? Do you have any cultural treats/dishes that are your favorites? What about secret family recipes or comfort foods that you'd eat no matter how many sticks of butter are in there? Share your favorite things from your culture or that you enjoy from other cultures. I'm always interested to see what others enjoy from different places.


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