Slim & Sassy Sunday - Slow Going

Another late update for me but hopefully that's ok. I didn't lose much this week but that wasn't completely shocking to me. This past week I have been completely and totally e_x_h_a_u_s_t_e_d. So exhausted that every day I felt if I just sat still long enough I'd fall right to sleep. I even skipped dinner a couple nights because I just couldn't bring myself to eat anything.

Now, I share this information because I want you to know it's not all rainbows and unicorns all the time. With the 24-7 access we have into others lives it's so easy to fall into that trap of imagining that someones life is so perfect and that they have it all together and that things must be wonderful for them. I can say my life is good but it's not perfect. I have good days and bad days and I don't always feel like I'm the best mom/friend/wife/daughter I could be. I do know that every day is a fresh start and that what's more important than perfect days are working towards the things that mean the most to you.

I want to share my horrendous week just because I want you to know that you can be captive to your circumstances or you can work to change the things you have control over. I was listening to The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and was reminded of E + R = O. This equation translates to an Event + your Response = the Outcome. I was reminded that I shouldn't just dwell on how exhausted I've been this week but I should change my response to this situation and do what I can to change the outcome.

Towards the end of this week I started to change my response to being so tired all the time by doing a few simple things:
  1. I stopped checking Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc. while lying in bed before going to sleep. I found I was easily burning 30-45 minutes just looking at nothing when I could be sleeping. 
  2. I started taking different vitamins. I decided to try the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack. I have heard from a couple of folks that it has helped them feel better and have more energy so I figured why not. Worst thing that could happen is I'll be really healthy but still tired. 
  3. I decided to get up and move more on my days off. I know that being sedentary doesn't help when you're already tired but sometimes trying to muster the motivation to get up and move when you're already beat is hard. Today I decided to just get up and run back and forth across our house with Russell. It wasn't much but it got me moving and helped to increase the number of steps I have taken today. I figure if I can keep working to take a few more steps each day it will eventually add up.
This coming up week I am hoping to do a few more things to help feel better and have more energy:
  1. Work out more. Yep... It's still the goal. Get active more days during the week.
  2. Go to bed earlier. I honestly feel best when I can get 8-9 hours of sleep so I need to adjust my routine to be in bed earlier at least until I can get through the week without feeling like I'm going to fall asleep at work.
  3. Get into a positive frame of mind. Things have been far too stressful lately and I need to get out of this funk. I need to do things that will help me be happy and thinking positively so I can feel more in balance.
So for those of you following my progress, this week I weighed in at 153.8. A tiny bit down but hey, it's all about the baby steps. The little things add up to big things one day. :)

Tell me, how do you work on creating a positive attitude every day? What helps you feel energized and excited just to be alive?


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