Saturday's Supper - Super Easy Breakfast Tacos

Today's recipe is not really an official recipe. It's something we whipped up last weekend using what we had on hand to make a fast and easy breakfast. What I like about this is that you could easily do a "clean out the fridge" type day and use whatever you have on hand. I feel you could also adapt this to your individual taste and dietary needs, for example corn vs. flour tortillas or eggs vs. beans or another vegan substitute. The other thing I liked about this was that I typically have some frozen corn tortillas from the last time we made tacos and they totally defrosted well enough for this. Bonus! I am pretty sure I could make a variation of this on most any given weekend. With that said, here we go!

Super Easy Breakfast Tacos
by Heather MacDonald

Start by prepping all your ingredients. Eggs don't take long to cook and if you're like me and doing a refrigerator clean up you'll have some stuff that's pre-cooked or just ready to go. My prep included:
  1. Defrost the corn tortillas - I put them on a plate in between some damp paper towels on the defrost setting and it went great.
  2. Prep the eggs - I went with scrambled this morning because I had a tiny bit of bacon bits left so I scrambled the egg in a bowl, mixed in the bacon bits, a little salt and pepper and was ready to pour it in when the pan was hot.
  3. Prep your toppings - I had a whole avocado that was begging to be a part of this. I diced the avocado and also prepped a light "sour cream" type sauce.
  4. Make the "sour cream" sauce - I tend to have plain Greek yogurt around so I use that in place of sour cream most of the time. For my sauce I mix some cumin, chipotle chili powder, pepper, and tiny bit of lime juice to make a flavorful sauce that I dollop on top.
  5. Dice up some green onion - I bought some once and have it growing in my window all the time. Anytime it looks like it's getting crazy big I make something like this for breakfast to use some up. If you have no idea what I'm talking about google or Pinterest "growing green onion" or something like that and you'll get step by step directions on just how to do this. Seriously a huge money saver for me. Most recipes only need a few tablespoons at most and I was sick of wasting the extra I wasn't using so I decided to just grow it. At some point I finally planted mine instead of always having it in the water and it's been great since.
Once you're prepped and ready to go here's what you do next:
  1. Fry the tortillas - I like the taste of corn tortillas when they're lightly fried. I put about an inch of vegetable oil in a small pan (just bigger than my tortillas), heat up the oil until your tortilla starts bubbling the second it's dropped in, and fry them for about 30 seconds on each side. HINT - test your oil! Dip a little of your tortilla in first. If it doesn't start bubbling right away it's not hot enough. If you put in your tortillas before it's hot enough they'll just absorb the oil and get soggy.
  2. Cook the eggs - I threw my eggs into a hot pan, scrambled them until they were most of the way cooked, and then threw in some of the green onions. I saved some green onions to top the tacos after they were assembled. When the eggs were starting to brown I turned off the heat and threw some leftover shredded cheese on top. 
  3. Assemble your tacos - I put the cheesy eggs on top of my tortillas. Topped that with a dollop of the sour cream sauce, the diced avocados, and some pico de gallo. 

Now it's time to eat! You can eat them with a fork and knife more like a tostada or be like me and just pick them up and eat them like a taco. YUM!!! So easy and super delish. Below are some suggestions if you were looking for ideas to modify this recipe.

  • Use corn tortillas, flour tortillas, or even leftover rice if you wanted to make a breakfast bowl
  • Put the toppings on some black or refried beans or add beans to your taco
  • Switch up the meat. I had some leftover bacon bits but you could use some chorizo, breakfast sausage, shredded beef, chicken, or anything else you've got on hand
  • Leave out the meat. If you're vegetarian or vegan feel free to sub a meat substitute product or use something like hash browns or diced sweet potatoes. You could even sub out the eggs for beans or maybe some oven roasted veggies more like a veggie fajita. MMMM... That would be great! We've even sauteed spinach in with the eggs when we've made this before.
  • Use your favorite hot sauce or salsa. We had some pico de gallo that we picked up from Harmons but you could use a homemade salsa or your favorite hot sauce if you need more of a kick. 
  • Slim it up by skipping the sour cream sauce, using egg whites, adding more veggies, skipping the cheese, or even sub out the tortilla for a low carb option.
As you can tell the sky is the limit here. I tend to cook based on what I have sitting around so writing formal recipes is definitely not my thing. I rarely follow a recipe to the letter so if something doesn't make sense please comment and let me know so I can clarify. If you try the recipe please come back and let me know how it went and what you used.

Do you have a go to recipe or way to cook something on the weekends that works for your family? We love most anything in a taco form so this type of recipe works great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Let us know what your favorite recipes are to clean out your fridge!


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