Family Friday - The Paint Mixer

Happy FRIDAY! I am so excited to tell you about the most fun thing I've done in a while. At my work we have a group called the President's Club. It's made up of individuals who are giving to United Way of Salt Lake at a Donor Network level. I choose to give at a Young Leader level because I believe in the work we're doing AND because I truly enjoy the perks it gives me. Networking events, Lunch with a Leader, volunteer opportunities with community oriented individuals, and PRESIDENT'S CLUB!!!

United Way of Salt Lake President's Club (I'm the second from the left in the bottom row.)
When you're a part of President's Club that means you get a fun activity every quarter with a group of truly amazing people who share their commitment to our work. In the past we've done things like had a fancy meal at Ruth's Chris, cooking classes from the owner of Saffron Valley, private bowling, and snow tubing. Yeah, seriously. All for FREE! (Ok, you could argue it's not free because we donate to be a part of it but honestly I would have been donating anyway so this is all just bonus for me.)

Work in progress with some of my favorite people!
This quarters activity was something I'd heard of and wanted to try but never had the guts to do it. We went to The Paint Mixer and painted Van Gogh's The Starry Night. Now, I have NEVER been artistic. I am creative, but not artistic. I can play the piano, I could dance in high school, and could do anything in the arts & crafts realm but anything drawing/painting/sculpture/etc. just never worked for me which is why I've never done a painting class. I can say I was a little nervous. When you're doing something for the first time with a bunch of co-workers I worried that I just might be the only person in the room who would have a total disaster on my hands. Luckily for me that was not the case. I give you my masterpiece.

Russell loved my moon.
It was actually REALLY easy to do and so much fun. I had a blast learning how to paint this piece and obviously it's not totally like the original but it's taken enough from the original work that you should be able to tell what the painting was even if I didn't tell you. I would absolutely recommend this type of activity for a girls night out, date night, or any other reason you have to get together with friends or family. It was such a great time that I honestly think I may have a new hobby on my hands. Now to find time and money to do it more. HA HA HA!

My volunteer team! Amy and Craig. (You can also see Isabel in the background.)
The other great thing about doing this as a class at one of these studios is they provide everything. So for a one time fee of anywhere around $35-45 you can give it a whirl and see if you like it. They do offer some more expensive classes that include food or are larger canvas but most classes fall somewhere in this range. If you end up not liking it, you're not out anything more than your time and you never have to do it again. I am actually interested in doing more painting classes in the future so I may end up buying my own supplies one day. Or maybe I'll just wait for Christmas and ask Santa for some serious painting supplies. This studio is in Sugarhouse but they also have a Park City location. I know there's another studio called Painting with a Twist that operates under the same concept but I haven't been there yet. If you decide to go let me know what you think!

Have you ever accidentally found a new hobby or talent? Is there something you'd tried and failed that that later in life you excelled at? Heads up, you may see other work related posts on my Family Friday's. I figure for the amount of time you spend at work, often those people can become like family so they deserve a shout out as a big part of my life.


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