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Family Friday - The Paint Mixer

Happy FRIDAY! I am so excited to tell you about the most fun thing I've done in a while. At my work we have a group called the President's Club. It's made up of individuals who are giving to United Way of Salt Lake at a Donor Network level. I choose to give at a Young Leader level because I believe in the work we're doing AND because I truly enjoy the perks it gives me. Networking events, Lunch with a Leader, volunteer opportunities with community oriented individuals, and PRESIDENT'S CLUB!!!

When you're a part of President's Club that means you get a fun activity every quarter with a group of truly amazing people who share their commitment to our work. In the past we've done things like had a fancy meal at Ruth's Chris, cooking classes from the owner of Saffron Valley, private bowling, and snow tubing. Yeah, seriously. All for FREE! (Ok, you could argue it's not free because we donate to be a part of it but honestly I would have been …

Wellness Wednesday - Mindful Meditation

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going well. If you read my post on Sunday you know that so far all the medical tests that they've ran on me have came back fine. This leaves me with the continued state of exhaustion I'm in with no physical reason for it. Suspecting some of it may be related to anxiety and stress I've signed up for a 21-day Meditation Experience that starts April 14.

I've done the past two meditation experiences Oprah and Deepak and have enjoyed them so I thought I'd jump on board with this one too. It's totally free so if you're interested be sure to head over and sign up now.

If you're looking for a crazy large amount of opportunities to learn about various aspects of wellness you should head on over to The Chopra Center and check out all they have to offer. There are both free and paid courses, articles, books, and so much more. If you sign up for their newsletter you'll get wellness right to your inbox. I actuall…

Slim & Sassy Sunday - The Results Are In

Whew. So if you've been following along you know I haven't been feeling the best lately. I did go to the cardiologist last week where they did a stress echo and found that... Everything is fine. Yep. Seriously nothing physically wrong with me. I guess that's a good thing.

I can tell you running on a treadmill hooked up to a bunch of wires isn't the most fun thing ever. That and when you feel terribly out of shape it seems pretty hard the longer you go. I walked/ran for 10 minutes and 35 seconds which from what I was told is pretty normal. My doctor said healthy people can usually go between 10 and 15 minutes. People with serious heart problems can end up stopping the test as fast as 30 seconds if things are really wrong.

Anyway, it looks like all is well with my ticker and the only advice my cardiologist had was to try and get more cardio workouts in during the week. I have been practicing yoga as you know but apparently that doesn't count for cardio. HA HA HA! I …

Saturday's Supper - Super Easy Breakfast Tacos

Today's recipe is not really an official recipe. It's something we whipped up last weekend using what we had on hand to make a fast and easy breakfast. What I like about this is that you could easily do a "clean out the fridge" type day and use whatever you have on hand. I feel you could also adapt this to your individual taste and dietary needs, for example corn vs. flour tortillas or eggs vs. beans or another vegan substitute. The other thing I liked about this was that I typically have some frozen corn tortillas from the last time we made tacos and they totally defrosted well enough for this. Bonus! I am pretty sure I could make a variation of this on most any given weekend. With that said, here we go!

Super Easy Breakfast Tacos
by Heather MacDonald

Start by prepping all your ingredients. Eggs don't take long to cook and if you're like me and doing a refrigerator clean up you'll have some stuff that's pre-cooked or just ready to go. My prep included:

Family Friday - Follow Along

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share some new blogs and sites I've found or been referred to recently. I personally LOVE to find new blogs with great recipe ideas. I also love to see successful mama's who are making a living or just supporting their families doing something they love. I know how easy it is for people to judge those who put their lives online but I personally feel it's time to stop judging others and start high five-ing each other when we're finding creative ways to share our passions with the world! I always wonder how jealous, mean, and insecure you have to be to put someone else down who is just trying to share what they love with the world. Especially online when you aren't even face to face with the person. I always wonder if these mean spirited people would be that mean if they saw the person face to face... But, that is not the main point today...

Today it's all about some new blogs, sharing some fun sites, and spreading the love! Feel fr…

Wellness Wednesday - Asian Love

Oh yea! This past week my happy place was a trip to Ocean Mart. That place caries a ton of foods and products from all over. Sometimes you can't even read what something is and sometimes products have some English translations on them. This week we went in search of a type of instant coffee one of my co-workers shared with me. It was this packet of Thai coffee that you'd just add water and it had the coffee, cream, and sugar in it. I thought it was a great idea to keep in my desk so we went looking. I couldn't find the same brand but I did find another one to try.

I actually mixed up some on Sunday and really enjoyed it. I'll definitely be keeping it in my desk for afternoon pick me ups when I'm feeling the need for some delightful coffee. At work I do tend to alternate between water, tea, and coffee because I don't want to overdo it on caffeine but I do enjoy a treat every now and again.

The other thing we got while we were there was a boba slush. Just google …

Slim & Sassy Sunday - Tired of Being Tired

Hi everyone. Sorry for missing most of my posts last week. The last week and a half has been really rough for me. I have been exhausted. Not just end of the week feeling tired and ready for the weekend but deep to the bone, barely able to stay awake if I stop moving, can't concentrate, can't focus, just miserable tired. My poor husband was so worried that maybe I was really sick so I made an appointment and went to the doctor.

I've been seeing the same doctor at the IHC in South Jordan for the longest time. If you're looking for a great primary care physician and she's on your insurance I would highly recommend Kim Winegar. She's a Nurse Practitioner but she's great! She has always spent the time with me that I've needed, is never judgmental and asks plenty of questions to try and get to the heart of the matter. She's never made me feel like I was crazy or that something I was experiencing was all in my head. She also will give you options. She'l…

Slim & Sassy Sunday - Slow Going

Another late update for me but hopefully that's ok. I didn't lose much this week but that wasn't completely shocking to me. This past week I have been completely and totally e_x_h_a_u_s_t_e_d. So exhausted that every day I felt if I just sat still long enough I'd fall right to sleep. I even skipped dinner a couple nights because I just couldn't bring myself to eat anything.

Now, I share this information because I want you to know it's not all rainbows and unicorns all the time. With the 24-7 access we have into others lives it's so easy to fall into that trap of imagining that someones life is so perfect and that they have it all together and that things must be wonderful for them. I can say my life is good but it's not perfect. I have good days and bad days and I don't always feel like I'm the best mom/friend/wife/daughter I could be. I do know that every day is a fresh start and that what's more important than perfect days are working tow…

Saturday's Supper - Chile Chicken Posole

Today's recipe is one of our families favorites. We found it when we were looking for new ideas to make and this has quickly become a staple in our lives. When in doubt we throw this recipe together. It's SO easy and SO tasty and it makes enough for a couple good sized meals. It's also really simple because you can toss most of the ingredients in a pot, blend them up, add the last few ingredients and simmer until everything is warmed through. Super fast and easy. Just what we like for a week night dinner.

Chile-Chilcken Posole
by Food Network Magazine

1 lb skinless, boneless chicken breasts, diced
1 tsp dried thyme
kosher salt & pepper, to taste
2 Tbsp vegetable oil
1 lg white onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 6-oz cans whole green chiles, drained
1 cup fresh cilantro
4 c. low-fat, low-sodium chicken broth
2 15-oz cans hominy, drained

Sliced avocado, radishes, and/or baked corn chips for garnish (optional)

Season the chicken with 1/2 teaspoon thyme, and s…