Wellness Wednesday - Chakra Love

Welcome back to another Wellness Wednesday. Today I wanted to see if anyone else has done any sort of chakra work. I was actually talking to another friend about using doTERRA oils and she mentioned she was learning more about chakras and had done a quick online test to find out which of her chakras were open and which needed work. Now I don't know if this test is totally legit but here were my results:

In thinking about my results it makes sense to me. I feel like most pieces of my life are pretty well balanced. Overall I feel things are going well and that I am making progress towards my goals however it makes sense to me that my root chakra and crown chakra are the ones that need the most work right now. Nothing like not having a stable foundation and intellectualizing things too often to keep you from really digging in and making some lasting progress on your goals.

I feel that so many things in my life are really going pretty well that it's time to look at fine tuning even the little things in my life so I can find balance and move forward to achieve what I was meant to achieve in this lifetime. One resource I know I can trust are these great Chakra Kits from my good friend Christina of I Love Intuition. I've worked with her before and would highly recommend her if you're looking for a great coach to work with for your business or personal life. I also know I'll end up doing a ton of internet searching and reading books so if you've got any great recommendations of your favorite chakra balancing books I'd love to hear them.

What do you think about exploring topics like chakras, Reiki, and meditations? Are you into different holistic types of healing or spirituality? Have you ever had any experiences working with a holistic practitioner? Share with us what you've tried and what your experiences were. I'm always interested in learning about what's working for others and what isn't.


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