Wellness Wednesday - Be Well

Welcome to another Wellness Wednesday. Today I wanted to talk about what "Be Well" means to me. I also want to find out from you what wellness topics you would be interested in learning more about.

First, Be Well is something that is a state of being. It's where you are right now. It's knowing that you can choose to be healthy today no matter what you face in your life. It's doing the things you need to do in your life even if they are hard or unpopular. It's living your life fully and in a way that makes you feel like a whole person.

For me this means choosing to eat healthy even when I have all the options in the world to eat things that aren't good for me. It means exercising in a way that leaves me feeling good while also giving me the benefits of strength and flexibility. It means constantly working towards the things that make me happy and that will support my family in the long run. It means knowing that I am the best me I can be at any given point but that doesn't mean perfection. It's making mistakes and learning from them. Helping others and doing the things that leave the world a little better after I'm gone.

To me, Wellness Wednesday is about sharing what I've learned and am practicing in my life. It's my opportunity to share with you what's working or what's not working and how it's impacted my life. It's about learning new things and growing together as we journey towards a healthy and balanced life.

I am not a doctor or other medical professional so I advise you to consult a medical professional before taking on any kind of diet program or exercise regimen. What I share shouldn't be considered to be a replacement for the sound medical advice of professionals that have spent a good chunk of their lives studying and practicing so they can help you. I also believe in balance in my personal health care options. I enjoy a variety of eastern medical practices and traditions but I would never look down on someone for participating in all that western medicine has to offer. I feel you need balance in taking advantage of the best of both worlds but whatever you choose should make you feel comfortable. Never feel you should give in to what's popular just because. Ask questions, demand answers (in a nice way), and do what it takes to feel comfortable in how you're receiving treatment for any illness.

That being said what wellness topics interest you? Are you looking for new exercise options to shake things up? Are you looking to try out or learn more about the latest diet trend? Is there anything I could share that you would look forward to coming back to read more about? I can't promise I'll write about everything but I don't mind trying something new and sharing my experience. 

I hope you'll come back each week to learn more about my wellness journey and share what you're going through too. I hope we can support each other to achieve great things in the months and years to come!


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